Standing Wave 1

Standing Wave 1 - John Nesirky 

John Nesirky

Standing Wave 1

Sustainably sourced plywood, recycled foam core, copper sheet and sea glass beads

350 x 800 x 300 cm


Photography: Andrew Rankin Photography

About the Work

2020 has been a world changing year. It has brought rapid and dramatic changes to our lives, and language.  Isolation, lockdown, borders hotspots now visualised in very specific ways. My concept 'Standing Wave' reflects my desire to give future hope, through the visualisation of the power and beauty of waves. To reclaim from daily reported discussions of Covid infection waves. Give a sense of optimism through the timeless motion of the sea. The tide comes in, the tide goes out, the sand refreshed untouched for a new day.

About the Artist

John Nesirky is a Townsville-based boatbuilder and sculptor. Nesirky's sculptures are a result of a lifelong curiosity with form and function; the skeleton of a bird, the strakes of a traditional timber boat, the beautiful fragility disguising a violin's strength and acoustic intensity. Nesirky was born in London and raised in Oxfordshire, where he studied art and started working with wood. His work reflects his training in boatbuilding and musical instrument construction and has been working as a Shipwright in Townsville for 24 years. Nesirky has exhibited sculptures at Strand Ephemera and Swell Festival.  Has had sculptures selected for placement at Townsville airport, Woodford Folk Festival, and Ignatius Park College. He constructed the Pandora ship replica that has stood as a centerpiece in Townsville Museum for over 20 years.

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