the 3rd wave

the 3rd wave - Bernadette Boscacci - Recycles tin, ply, fiber glass, lighting 

Bernadette Boscacci

the 3rd wave

Recycled tin, plywood, fiberglass, lighting

120 x 450 x 250 cm


Photography: Andrew Rankin Photography

About the Work

This work is inspired by the shallow waters of Cleveland Bay, where the waves meet the land on the Strand. Sometimes, after the rain and when the south-easterly winds blow, the water is choppy and silty brown. The waves undulate in, fold and break, reflecting the sun, city lights and the moon.

The artist explores her love of water and play using an economy of form in ‘the 3rd wave’. This three-part study (movement, form and substance) like a piece of washed up jetsam, is lying inanimate, yet responsive to its changing environment.

About the Artist

Bernadette Boscacci uses a broad range of mediums including sculpture, painting, printmaking, photography, collage and literature. Her work is predominantly materials based — she produces art works from found and recycled materials using various techniques and a playful, analogical approach. Recurring themes include nature, ecology, myth, mortality and metaphysics - expressions of life in The Anthropocene.

Boscacci studied Sculpture (Fine Arts) at the National Art School, Sydney NSW in the early 1990s, before travelling to work in Community arts and Cultural Development (CCD), and living in the remote north Queensland Aboriginal communities of Kowanyama and Aurukun. Bernadette later gained a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Sociology qualifications (James Cook University) after returning to the east coast of Queensland in 2000. She is based in Townsville and continues to work professionally (and voluntarily) in the arts, CCD, education and environmental conservation and advocacy.