The Coral Sea Scrolls

The Coral Sea Scrolls - Ghostnet Collective - Marion Gaemers & Lynnette Griffiths 

Ghost Net Collective - Marion Gaemers & Lynnette Griffiths

The Coral Sea Scrolls

Ghost Net and beach rope

250 x 800 x 5 cm

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About the Work

A ghostly silent killer, discarded fishing net, rope and gear, continues to wash and move with the tidal flow, largely going unnoticed in our sea. Originally created for fishing using various plastic materials, ghost nets far out-live their purpose.  We have created a sea scroll, historically made from papyrus, parchment, or soft metal. We have stitched a modern story returning meaning to the deadly plastic fabric.

Fish are caught in the nets, birds feed on plastic in the ocean, boats use the ocean, coral is affected by plastic covering the surface and coastal vegetation is strangled by shoreline plastic. People are creating, disposing, and now collecting the plastic. Ours is a visual inscribed language, stitched and layered. It is an evolving story that could be devastating or with human intervention be positive.

Materials were collected from beaches in North Queensland by Tangaroa Blue, Australian Navy and us.

About the Artists

Marion Gaemers & Lynnette Griffiths have worked collaboratively since 2010 using marine debris and nets (called ghost gear or ghost nets) creating large-scale installations. Most recently exhibiting together in Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts, Townsville and Sabbia Gallery, Sydney in 2020. Previously exhibited in GOMA Brisbane, London, Port Douglas and Cairns (2019) with Erub Arts. They have work on permanent display at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney. Both have works collected by Museo Sa Bassa Blanca, Spain, Le Havre Museum of Natural History, France, Australian National Museum, Australian National Maritime Museum, Musee d’ethnographie de Geneva (MEG) Switzerland, Art Gallery of NSW