The Corporate Snake

Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, The Corporate Snake will not be displayed at Ephemera this year.
The Corporate Snake - Jan Cleveringa  

Jan Cleveringa

The Corporate Snake

Fluorescent light globes and clear tape

120 x 170 x 10000 cm variable


Image courtesy of the Artist

About the Work

The Corporate Snake is a conceptual installation about waste, recycling and sustainability that reimagines 10,000 working-but-discarded fluorescent light globes worth $75,000.00 of waste. More than an example, it also offers a cerebral, long-term idea about an innovative way to positively recognise and support business as a 'machine of our culture' while utilising the incorporation laws to both improve a company and sustainability.  The clause supports companies to be unaffected; make more profit; to have control and to contribute towards community innovation. New global companies may become more efficient, viable and mindful. In simple terms the clause agreement states:

New companies agree that if they earn over a billion net dollars then they contribute a percentage back to an independent, monitored, non-for-profit company that they choose. Some companies do this through marketing already.

The idea recognises that the 'power of the people' to affect change is when a new company starts.

About the Artist

Jan Cleveringa is an award-winning emerging contemporary, experimental, multidisciplinary artist exploring cultural change, sustainability, technology, and their social impacts resulting in painting, installation/sculpture, and video art. Often, he juxtaposes waste in natural environments. Sydney based, he has a Bachelor of Arts (University of Sydney) and studied painting at Sydney College of the Arts (University of Sydney).

In 2019 he won the Eden Unearthed Art Prize, Eden Gardens NSW as well as the 2019 Scenic Sculpture Environment Prize, Scenic World, Blue Mountains NSW. In 2018 he received the Highly Commended Prize in the Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize and for Hidden 2016. He has exhibited paintings in Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, and London. In 2016 he was awarded a grant for new experimental work in painting by the Leo Kelly Blacktown Art Centre Creative Arts Fund. In addition, he has also been awarded several community and public art project commissions.