The Great Chip Scrap

The Great Chip Scrap - Cadaghi Pottery Collective - White raku, glaze and steel rod 

Cadaghi Pottery Collective

The Great Chip Scrap

White raku, glaze and steel rod

Dimensions Variable

From $100 each or $5,000 entire flock

Photography: Andrew Rankin Photography

About the Work

With a large percentage of Australia’s population living near the coast, seagulls pinching chips is a memory that many of us think of with a smile. By anthropomorphising these cheeky birds, we encourage you to see yourself, friends and family in the feathery vignettes. From hoarders to courting couples, opportunists and sneaky snackers to those who enjoy a little confrontation, we hope you can identify yourself in the scene.

About the Artist

Cadaghi Pottery Collective is Linda Bates and Michael Pope. We make whimsical and quirky creatures that celebrate life. You will find Cadaghi Pottery somewhere in the middle of insatiable curiosity and imagination, supported by a tonne of clay.