Wave to me!

Wave to me! - Lance Seadon - Bamboo, metal pegs 

Lance Seadon

Wave to me!

Bamboo, metal pegs

250 x 800 x 2000 cm


Image courtesy of the Artist

About the Work

Wave to me! was created as a distraction from the current times we live in. The play of light & shadow of the bamboo waveform allows the observer to rest their mind from the worries of life, rising & falling like the ebb & flow of the ocean. Just another attempt to express the strength & versatility of bamboo in its natural form!

Waving at you, wave to me!

About the Artist

I have always had an interest in making things from model aeroplanes as a child to highly customised motorcycles in my late teens, which I was involved in for many years.

After leaving Melbourne & buying a farm in NSW in the late 1980’s I eventually planted bamboo seedlings & watched them grow into towering plants; “giant grass” in fact, 30 metres high!

Immediately I saw a great potential as a raw material that has fuelled so many projects over the last couple of decades. I do not think anyone could ever exhaust their ideas about what to do with this amazing natural material, which renews itself every year.