WONDER Land - Sandstorm -  Hand sculpted with brickies sand and water 



Hand sculpted with brickies sand and water

Part 1; 270 x 360 cm – Part 2; 190 x 480 cm – Part 3; 210 x 360 cm

Image courtesy of the Artist

About the Work

WONDER Land represents the child’s curiosity and struggle to grow up learning to survive in the confusing world of the Adult. To understand the adult world Alice learns to overcome the open mindedness of a child and embrace the rules that adults need to apparently live by – most people live by these rules blindly – without asking why – leading to the wacky, crazy, and unexplainable behaviour Alice experiences.

We are asking the viewer to look through the rabbit hole and be taken on a journey into Wonderland with Alice and experience her struggles; while at the same time, reflecting on their own growth. Covid 19 has us all, Adult and Child alike - struggling to understand, embrace and adapt to a new set of rules we now need to live by to survive in this World – “Where every adventure requires a first step”. The sculpture will provide an opportunity for visual enjoyment, discovery, reflections, interpretation, and interaction with natural materials – sand, sun and water.

By day, the sculpture will sit on the sand with the backdrop of the sea – and the sun’s rays will illuminate the sculpture enhancing its natural hues and earthy colours.

By night, coloured lights will flood the sculpture – representing the fanciful world of Wonderland – these lights will cast shadows on the sculpture changing the mood of the sculpture and expressions.

About the Artists

Sand Sculptures are our passion and we have been fortunate enough to work for over 350 Australian and International clients.  Sandstorm Events is Australia’s only award - winning sand sculpting event management company with 17 years of experience in building and delivering exceptional quality bespoke sand sculptures - located in Melbourne and Australia owned by husband-and-wife team – Sharon & Peter Redmond.  “Not a day goes by that l don’t thank my lucky stars that l can wake up each day and do something that l LOVE. Being able to play a role in living the profile of this amazing ephemeral art form and the artists that create is truly a go that l treasure” - Sharon Redmond