Ephemera Photography Competition

Ephemera Photography competition has now closed.

Congratulations to the following winners!

Open Winner (18 years and over): Deborah Belcastro

Judges comments

Not only was this a well composed photograph, but it also brought together the artwork and concept of the exhibition and the environment it occupies. It maintains a colourful energy, whilst adding a brooding overlay and depth.

Open Winner - Deborah Belcastro 
Open Runner up (18 years and over): Sandip Kamath

Judges comments

Our judge Rob Parsons, said that he ‘Loved the connection between the real and surreal. The way the photographer has composed the image brings home the concept of the image. The image shows how the people in the artwork enjoy the scenery and how we as people enjoy the artwork in its location. The use of depth of field to maintain the separation between the natural environment and the artwork is also well executed’.

Open Runner Up - Sandip Kamath
Youth Winner (17 years and under): Kodie Freeman

Judges comments

Rob commented, ‘The concept showed a high level of creative thought in the composition of the image. It was well executed, so that the viewer would be convinced of the mirror effect’.

Youth Winner - Kodie Freeman 
Youth Runner up (17 years and under): Eli Stuart

Judges comments

Our judge Rob Parsons commented that Eli’s image ‘showed a strong use of composition and effective use of contrasting colour to produce a dynamic image. The inclusion of the signage was well placed within the composition and its symbolism added to the contrasting nature of the image as a whole’.

Youth Runner Up - Eli Stuart