Visceral Bodies

 Concept design - Visceral Bodies (Alternative) Visceral Aquarium - Erica Gray45 x 180 x 180 cm
PVC, synthetic material, solar powered LEDs

Winner of the Award for Artistic Excellence, Strand Ephemera 2017

An interpretation of beauty, colour and bio-luminescence that comes from the deep, one that most will never chance to see. This work teases the viewer into a world that is life e.quatic.

Coordinates of artwork


Erica Gray


Gray's e.quatic series of work is informed by the natural aquatic environment, and the creatures within. She utilises traditional sewing techniques, lighting and other incorporated technologies. The work displays a virtual luminescence, much as the human race embraces technology to enhance man-made accessories and immediate environmental experiences. This meshing is a process and aesthetic that Gray endeavours to mimic within a lot of her works.

Zoran Architecture