Dream Palisade - Tile
THAWVL - Ngethn O'Thawvl Wedlvn

Strand Ephemera 2019 is the tenth instalment of the North Queensland’s sculpture festival.

28 artworks competed for the major $10,000 Award for Artistic Excellence and the winner of this prestigious award has gone to Dominique & Samuel Chen - Dream Palisade. The competing sculptures are once again displayed alongside a selection of curated and non-competitive artworks, and vibrant performances, projection artworks and workshops.

This year there are various ways you can explore the artworks on display in Strand Ephemera 2019:

  • Maps and catalogues were available at the Info Desks on The Strand for the duration of Strand Ephemera 2019
  • An interactive Google Map was available for visitors
  • Downloadable PDF Map available on our Maps page
  • Educational kits or students and resources for teachers were made available at our For Teachers page.


Invited Performance

Erth's Dinosaur Zoo

Erth's Dinosaur Zoo™

Erth Visual & Physical Inc.

Competitive Artists

This year we had 28 works competing in Strand Ephemera for the major $10,000 Award for Artistic Excellence, among them are local, national and international artists. The winning art installations went to Dream Palisade by Dominique & Samuel Chen.

Leonard Andy, Nina Dawson, Gunduy Midja, lawyercane, palm leaves, native plants, natural fibre fabrics and natural plant dyes, 700 x 600 x 600 cm.

Gunduy Midja (Cassowary Shelter)

Leonard Andy & Nina Dawson


Whimsical Eye Candy Toys

Lisa Ashcroft

Suzannah Babicci, Forever Found, 3D printed sculptures, lightweight zinalumme steel panels, screws, hose clamps, ratchet tie down straps, solar lighting, ptfe thread seal tape, fabric, paint, dimensions variable.

Forever found

Suzannah Babicci

Artwork simulation of WAYFINDER (There + Back) by Derek Michael Besant

WAYFINDER (There + Back)

Derek Michael Besant RCA

Artwork simulation of Suffering Seas by BOWEN STATE HIGH SCHOOL

Seven Suffering Seas

Tanya Coventry and Bowen State High School Students

Artwork simulation of Aeolian Messenger by Graeme Buckley, Lynn Scott-Cumming & Rhonda Stevens

Aeolian Messenger

Graeme Buckley, Lynn Scott-Cumming
& Rhonda Stevens

Artwork simulation of Coral Bleaching by Leela Chakravarti & Edward O'Brien

Coral Bleaching

Leela Chakravarti & Edward O'Brien

Concept design - Dream Palisade

Dream Palisade

Dominique & Samuel Chen

Artwork simulation of City Blocks by COUNTERPOINT ARCHITECTURE & DIGIMEN

City Blocks

Counterpoint Architecture and Digimen

Karl De Waal, I've Been Everywhere Man, rubber tyre, souvenir spoons, plastic, steel, 200 x 100 x 40 cm.

I've Been Everywhere Man

Karl De Waal

One In A Billion - Therese Duff, Peter Hanley, Dennis O'Toole & Issara Singtothong

One In A Billion

Therese Duff, Peter Hanley,
Dennis O'Toole & Issara Singtothong

Concept design - All Voyagers - Carla Gottgens

All Voyagers

Carla Gottgens

Artwork simulation of Clingy Coral Cluster by Erica Gray

Clingy Coral Cluster

Erica Gray

Stranger To These Shores - Jane Hawkins, Sally Munns & Rhonda Payne

Stranger to these shores

Jane Hawkins, Sally Munns & Rhonda Payne

Incarcerate! - Jan Hynes


Jan Hynes

Artwork simulation of Tangental Growth by Victoria Lees

Tangental Growth

Victoria Lees

Rectangular Composition - Tijn Meulendijks

Rectangular Composition

Tijn Meulendijks

Hand In The Sand - Karl Meyer

Hand In The Sand

Karl Meyer

Artwork simulation of  Fluid Air - John Nesirky

Fluid Air

John Nesirky

Artwork simulation of Thawvl - NGETHN O'THAWVL WEDLVN


Ngethn O'Thawvl Wedlvn

Gunya - Ronald John Phillips


Ronald John Phillips

Concept artwork of Story Fridge by Fiona Quin

Story Fridges

Fiona Quin

Artist simulation of The Language, the Wind and the Tides by Toni Rogers

The Language, The Wind And The Tides

Toni Rogers

Artist concept of SANCTUARY by Lance Seadon

Lance Seadon

Artwork simulation of Plenty More by Harriet Geater-Johnson and Athena Costopoulos (for ST PATRICK'S COLLEGE)

Plenty More

St Patrick's College

Artwork simulation of Wings On The Strand by Christopher Trotter

Wings Over The Strand

Christopher Trotter

Artist concept drawing of Puppet -Trees by Sonia Ward

Puppet -Trees

Sonia Ward

Artist concept drawing of Future Astronomers Illuminated by WILLIAM ROSS STATE HIGH SCHOOL

Future Astronomers Illuminated

William Ross State High School

Art In A Suitcase

Sea Turtle Hatchlings

Townsville Primary School Students with Cass Roberts and Cassie Harris