16,615 - Sharon Goodwin 

Sharon Goodwin


Painted marine ply

14 pieces, dimensions variable, approximately 200 x 240 cm each

About the work

16,615 - Sharon Goodwin16,615 by Sharon Goodwin is comprised of 14 plywood snake cut-outs, each differently contorted forming a number. Every day the artist will change the last snake/number so that it reflects the current number of days she has been alive. The leftover snakes will sit in an arranged pile to the side.


Sharon Goodwin is a Melbourne based artist that has shown extensively both in Australia and overseas. Her practice ranges from installation, sculpture, painting and drawing and references the familiar visual language, artefacts, mythology and stereotypes found in popular culture, illustration and art history. Through their altering, repainting or reconfiguring as sculpture, the works explore the incongruity of these mythologies in present-day culture, their absurd promise, their embodiment in objects, our expectations developed from them and inevitable disappointment.