Sea Turtle Hatchling

Art in a Suitcase 

Townsville Primary School Students with Cass Roberts and Cassie Harris

Sea Turtle Hatchling

Air dry paper clay

Dimensions variable

About the work

With the knowledge and guidance of experienced local artists Cass Roberts and Cassie Harris, students from Townsville primary schools have created a collaborative sculpture which aims to express the vulnerability of sea turtles in Australia and raise awareness for their survival.  The students sculpted approximately one thousand sea turtle hatchlings from paper based air dry clay. The materials used are environmentally friendly and represent the fragility of sea turtle hatchlings.


Cass Roberts is a passionate artist working in the fields of art therapy, art education, and her own practice. She is an energetic, inspiring presence in the classroom working to bring out the artistic excellence in every student.

Cassie Harris is an award-winning fantasy makeup artist with a passion for makeup and special effects. She works as a part of various events, including student centred projects where she brings a unique and engaging perspective to the students in the classroom.