Future Astronomers Illuminated

Artist concept drawing of Future Astronomers Illuminated by WILLIAM ROSS STATE HIGH SCHOOL 

William Ross State High School

Future Astronomers Illuminated

Metal, wood, acrylic, solar light circuitry, fabric

300 x 500 x 500 cm

About the work

Future Astronomers illuminates the importance of the star constellations that sit directly above Townsville. This work represents the significance of connecting with the world beyond in order to connect with ourselves. Our geo-dome sculpture allows the audience to immerse themselves and connect the ancient star constellations above.


The students at William Ross State High School have worked together as part of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics team for this Visual Art project and they will be guided by specialist STEAM teachers.

* The caliber of work presented at Strand Ephemera 2019 was at such high standard that the judges wished to name a Highly Commended, along with the major award winner.

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