Rectangular Composition

Rectangular Composition

Tijn Meulendijks

Rectangular Composition

Plant material, Hyptis suaveolens (bush mint)

Dimensions variable, approx.75 x 120 x 360 cm

About the work

The realisation of work is not about the end result alone, but about the process of making, its thinking, observing, sensing, and caring is important. It is about the desire to be in nature with no other reason than “to be”; to archive a sense of belonging. This yearning to reconnect with nature is something that resides deep in us; something we all long for; it is embedded in our collective memory.

This is at the core of Meulendijks’ creative ethos. He uses plant material, focusing on the regularity in their growth, forms, their habits, life cycles and territory. This focus is important to Meulendijks, especially the perception of nature, an ongoing experience showing various stages of natural sequences, decay, and botanical rebirth.


Tijn Meulendijks obtained a Master’s Degree in Floral Design in the Netherlands before migrating to Far North Queensland in 2004.

His practice bridges floral design and contemporary art. His artistry and thinking has its origins in a lifelong fascination for plant life and the natural world. Through walking, researching, working and commenting Meulendijks explores the fragile relationship between nature and culture. Ultimately, the effect of the plant world upon human emotion is sensory and inspirational – a fundamental recognition of the life force around us.

Over the past fifteen years Meulendijks has exhibited his work throughout both the Netherlands and Australia.

* The caliber of work presented at Strand Ephemera 2019 was at such high standard that the judges wished to name a Highly Commended, along with the major award winner.

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