Sculptural Projection


Nema Adel (darkcinema) + Cliffie Rosenberg (EPPRO)

Sculptural Projection

Projection Mapping

About the work

A five-meter high wooden deity figure blesses those who pass by. During the day she welcomes viewers and embraces her scenic surroundings. After dark, she morphs into a new mysterious character through 3D projection mapping of organic animation and digital lighting.


Cliffie Rosenberg is an electronic artist who has been creating and collaborating on large-scale, site-specific interactive art installations for over fifteen years. He is the Operations Director at Everything's Possible Productions (EPPRO), a bespoke audio visual and lighting solutions hire company specialising in innovative and creative technical solutions bridging the gap between art and technology, bringing artist visions to life.

This collaboration is supported by the visual artist Nema Adel (darkcinema). Initially inspired by the Flying Lotus' Layer 3 projection show at the Sydney Opera House, Adel dedicated himself to projection art four years ago. Honing his skill while touring in Germany shortly thereafter, he returned to Sydney in 2017 to start performing live visual shows under the moniker darkcinema.

This will be Adel and Rosenberg’s first collaboration with artist Daniel Popper.