Tangental Growth

Artwork simulation of Tangental Growth by Victoria Lees  

Victoria Lees

Tangental Growth

Crocheted acrylic wool, fishing line

Dimensions variable, approx.1000 x 300 cm

About the work

Tangental Growth comprises of a group of long white crocheted funnels suspended from within a tree canopy, whimsical and ephemeral, echoing the multiple trunk and root growth of the fig trees and evokes the past and present nesting of animals and other life that the trees support.


Victoria Lees is a visual artist with a wide practice extending across multiple media including drawing, painting, video, installation, sculpture and decorative objects. She is best known for temporary crochet net and string sculptures created in landscapes, festivals and public spaces. The sculptures are her way to create temporary installations that sit within and explore the synergies of the environment.