The Language, The Wind And The Tides

Artist simulation of The Language, the Wind and the Tides by Toni Rogers 

Toni Rogers

The Language, The Wind And The Tides

200 painted coconuts with Pacific designs

Dimensions variable

About the work

Coconuts are supposedly not indigenous to Australia and travelled to our shores from Asia and the Pacific via the wind and tides. This contemporary art piece utilises painted coconuts to represent the carrying of the 'language' of the Pacific.


The physical richness of the rainforest and social environments provides the raw materials and inspiration for artist Toni Rogers. New Zealand born fibre artist Rogers has exhibited extensively and has developed a hybrid blend of the traditional and the contemporary. Intricate Oceanic pattern work has come to define her signature style.

"I am passionate about natural fibres and the handmade. I marry sustainability, design and tradition with a low key palette and a light hearted approach. I love the playfulness of working with different materials."


* The caliber of work presented at Strand Ephemera 2019 was at such high standard that the judges wished to name a Highly Commended, along with the major award winner.

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