Warmth (maquette)

Alison McDonald - Warmth (maquette) 

Alison McDonald

Warmth (maquette)

Stainless steel and paint

Approx. 20 x 40 x 20 cm

About the project

The North Queensland Stadium is providing a catalyst for urban regeneration in Townsville, attracting further investment to the region and supporting jobs. The centrally located 25,000 seat stadium will be completed for the start of the 2020 National Rugby League (NRL) Premiership Season. It will be the new home of the North Queensland Cowboys NRL team and host a multitude of sporting, cultural and community events. The North Queensland Stadium is a joint project of the Queensland Government, Australian Government and Townsville City Council, and is supported by both the National Rugby League and the North Queensland Cowboys. The stadium forms part of the Townsville City Deal signed in December 2016. Warmth has been commissioned for the North Queensland Stadium where the full-size completed piece will be a permanent feature of the southern plaza landscaping.

Artists Statement

For thousands of years rivers have always connected people and place, as they give life to many forms, including people. Alison McDonald’s fictitious river connects all North Queensland, as people have always settled or gathered around water. Even after devastation in the North from flooded rivers, we have witnessed people coming together in a warm and embracing way to help each other out. McDonald’s work Warmth aims to capture and portray that embrace and continual warmth of the North Queensland people and climate with vibrant colour and a circular wrap around form.


Alison McDonald is a Townsville-based environmental artist who works with a vast range of materials to create her sculptures and installations. She has completed a variety of studies within the creative arts, including attainment of a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Hons) Majoring in Painting and Sculpture at JCU, and a Master of Art & Public Space at RMIT. She regularly exhibits nationally and internationally.