Queen's Baton Relay

The 2018 Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay is coming to Townsville on Sunday 18 and Monday 19 March 2018, presenting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for local residents to be a part of the Baton’s epic global journey.

The route for the Queen’s Baton Relay (QBR) was chosen by the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Corporation (GOLDOC) and will be supervised by the Queensland Police Service (QPS).

The Relay involves around 27km of rolling temporary road closures and event clearways over two days as our 150 local baton bearers move through Townsville.

We are encouraging the Townsville community to help create a wonderful spectacle and cheer on our local participants. Community members will have an unprecedented opportunity to watch this event within the road closure zone installed by Queensland Police.

Please note: Due to temporary road closures your journey to work or school on the morning of Monday 19 March may be affected and you may need to make alternative arrangements.


Meet the local legends who will share the dream and carry the Queen’s Baton with pride. Nominated by their peers for achievements and contributions to their community, these batonbearers represent the spirit of the Commonwealth and inspire others to be great.

Sunday 18 March

Sunday 18 March

01:59 PMJean Marie Louis Gontier04:15 PMBree Rowlands
02:01 PMHamish Finlayson04:17 PMTyrone Geritz
02:04 PMDeborah Orchiston04:20 PMJan Evans
02:06 PMLuke Madsen04:22 PMHelen Britton
02:09 PMRobert Carl Griffiths04:25 PMGlenn Buchanan
02:11 PMKen Ellis04:27 PMJohn Barrett
02:14 PMWendy Owens04:29 PMLibby Trickett (Lenton)
02:16 PMMarg Cedar04:34 PMScott Sibson
02:19 PMPaul Sanson04:36 PMBenjamin Judge
02:21 PMJoel Savage04:39 PMJess Benney
02:24 PMFiona Hinds04:41 PMChas Bourn
02:26 PMMargaret Ryder04:44 PMWilliam Baillie
02:29 PMRaymond Hughes04:46 PMCourtney Zagami
02:31 PMJason Lettice04:48 PMBradley Taylor
02:34 PMSusan Jones04:51 PMAlexander Cox
02:36 PMMaddie Lacy04:55 PMSteven Boyd
02:38 PMLachlan Pugh04:58 PMEmily Batten
02:41 PMAlexander Hartmann05:00 PMPeter Millios
02:43 PMJon Sieben OAM05:03 PMEdwin Brown
02:46 PMMichael Saunders05:06 PMReno Rossato
02:48 PMLinda Orrow05:08 PMGlen Merry
02:51 PMTimothy Hughes05:11 PMCarolyn Asher
02:53 PMJanet Curran05:14 PMRachael Finch
02:56 PMJohn Jackson05:17 PMGeoff Holman
02:58 PMLeigh Turner05:20 PMJohn Durkin
03:01 PMMadison O'Flynn05:22 PMJohn Finn
03:03 PMNeha Dhingra05:25 PMJonny Freeman
03:06 PMFred Siro Asiba05:27 PMJohnathan Thurston
03:08 PMLinda Davis05:30 PMCommunity Celebration
03:11 PMEthan Warren  
03:14 PMChris Schell  
03:17 PMWendy Anderson  
03:19 PMRodney Anderson  
03:22 PMEhlana Kelly  
03:24 PMDavid Williams  
03:27 PMLindsey Hendy  
03:30 PMKajsa Souter  
03:32 PMJan Hynes  
03:35 PMBindee Johnston  
03:37 PMJohn Larkin 

Monday 19 March

Monday 19 March

07:37 AMCayley Downey09:02 AMKirstyn Tiarni Stutley
07:40 AMEzra Town09:05 AMPaul Warren
07:43 AMTo be announced09:07 AMDeborah Powell
07:46 AMGwenyth Cutler OAM09:10 AMBrendon Aubrey
07:49 AMJulian Pecora09:12 AMNorma Connolly
07:52 AMSimon Johnson09:15 AMOlivia Ford
07:55 AMTania Bernhardt09:17 AMRuth Corset
07:58 AMStephen Luke09:27 AMTamika Bray
08:01 AMElderene Brostrom09:30 AMSusan Fuhrmann
08:04 AMPeter Parr09:32 AMGrant Bell
08:08 AMGary Mantell09:35 AMSusan Pearce
08:11 AMBruce Scott09:37 AMJusten Orford
08:14 AMMartin Phelps09:39 AMJoshua Ramadani
08:17 AMCayla George09:42 AMLevi Murakami
08:20 AMJaedon Trower09:44 AMGorden Tallis
08:23 AMPatricia Nielsen  
08:26 AMScott O'Neill  
08:29 AMLea York  
08:32 AMMorrie Bligh  
08:35 AMPeter Searle  
08:54 AMDaniel Buckland  
08:57 AMRichard Cordukes  
09:00 AMJenny Lenoy