Web Series

Find out all the ins and outs there is to know about the wacky and wonderful world that is Fringe!  The NAFA team has joined forces with Fringe professionals across the country to provide insight into Fringe Festivals. Through a wonderfully educational 6 part web series you will learn what Fringe is all about, what it means to be a Fringe artist, how to sell your event and what it takes to build a show.

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Web Series Episodes:

Episode 1The World of Fringe
Episode 2Being a Fringe Artist
Episode 3The World of Grants
Episode 4Marketing Fringe Events
Episode 5Building a Fringe Show
Episode 6 How to Register

Episode 1 - The World of Fringe

Episode 2 - Being a Fringe Artist

Episode 3 - The World of Grants

Episode 4 - Marketing Fringe Events

Episode 5 - Building a Fringe Show

Episode 6 - How to Register