Home Based Businesses

Council is committed to helping local home based businesses thrive in Townsville by providing as much help and information as possible.

Setting up a home based business

A home based business is a small-scale activity that operates only within the home. Examples of a home-based business include:

  • Bed and breakfast
  • Home office
  • Child care
  • Hairdressing

Council encourages the growth of home based business, and has identified a number of criteria which, if met, mean you do not need to lodge a development application to council.

To find out more if your home qualifies as an acceptable location for a home based business, you will need to find out what zone your property is in. To do this, go to ePlanning, click on 'Planning Scheme Enquiry' from the top menu, and select 'Search my property.' By searching your property address you will be able to determine the zone your property is in.

For more information about setting up your own home based business, and to find out what assessment criteria you must meet, read our home based business information sheet.