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  1. Corporate Information - Townsville City Council

    27 Jan 2021: 2020/21 Strategic Asset Management Plan (PDF, 3.0 MB). Council has developed a Corporate Governance Framework to ensure compliance with legislation and best practice democratic local government. ... Ross River Waterway System – Management of

  2. Asset Management Policy PDF (274k)

    13 Sep 2018: Asset Management System – means a system forms an integrated part of council’s management of mission, corporate plan, policies, objectives, asset and service management plans, operational plans, supporting activities, control activities,

  3. Works for Queensland (W4Q) - Townsville City Council

    1 Mar 2021: Completed. Council is committed to providing our community with the infrastructure assets to enjoy within our city’s parks, sporting field and recreational areas. ... Identified asset infrastructure, BBQ, shelters and gazebos that have reached their

  4. Libraries - Townsville City Council

    27 Jan 2021: Townsville CityLibraries Strategic Plan. Townsville CityLibraries Strategic Plan 2020-2024 outlines the City of Townsville’s goals and objectives in relation to library services into the future. ... You will not need a booking if you plan to visit the

  5. Forms & Permits - Townsville City Council

    17 Nov 2020: Minimise impact generated by organised commercial activities on public open space, beaches, park assets. ... Council can mark the location of water and wastewater infrastructure assets for you.

  6. Business Services - Townsville City Council

    26 Feb 2021: Our monthly plans start at as low as $100. Book your free phone consultation now. ... Brand Strategy - Campaign Strategy - Identity Design - Website Design - Collateral rollout - Print &Packaging - Social Media Styling - Digital Assets.

  7. Trade Waste - Townsville City Council

    28 Aug 2020: The owner of the property is the trade waste approval holder, as per the Townsville City Council Trade Waste Management Plan. ... Trade Waste Management Plan (PDF, 1.0 MB). For more information on trade waste, contact the Assets and Hydraulics Unit on 13

  8. Fire Management - Townsville City Council

    28 Aug 2020: Fire Management. On 22 November 2019, the Minister for Fire and Emergency Services approved the revocation of the Notification of Declaration of State of Fire Emergency for Queensland, No. ... Please take time to sit down with your family and discuss

  9. Sitemap - Townsville City Council

    25 Aug 2020: Welcome to Townsville City Council, the largest regional council in Queensland servicing a community of more than 190,000 residents.

  10. Horseshoe Bay to become more resilient to erosion under new…

    28 Aug 2020: Date published: 28 April 2020. Townsville City Council is looking to make the Horseshoe Bay shore more resilient to erosion with a new management plan endorsed today. ... Cr Ryder said. “The Horseshoe Bay Shoreline Erosion Management Plan has a strong

  11. Investing in Townsville - Townsville City Council

    28 Aug 2020: Delivering best practice infrastructure and asset management. For more detailed information, please refer to the  Smart Townsville Strategy or contact ... The Jobs and Investment Package offers financial development

  12. Words for Wellbeing - Townsville City Council

    2 Nov 2020: Your treatment plan may involve some education around your health condition and some recommended reading from our Words for Wellbeing list. ... RR: Eating Disorder Management. Smiling Mind. Stop, Breathe &Think. The Coeliac Society of Australia

  13. Animal Registration and Legislation - Townsville City Council

    22 Jan 2021: Animal management local laws apply to the Townsville City Council local government area. ... Dogs. The Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 requires all dogs to be registered.

  14. Council Committee recommends developing Ross River Dam Recreation…

    28 Aug 2020: Council Committee recommends developing Ross River Dam Recreation Management Plan. Date published: 10 April 2019. ... Stage 2 of the proposal includes creating a community engagement strategy and the development of a Ross River Dam Recreation Management

  15. Submission to the Office of the Inspector-General Emergency Management PDF (748k)

    16 Jul 2019: b) preparing disaster management plans and guidelines;. (c) ensuring communities receive appropriate information about preparing for, responding to and recovering from a disaster;. ... c) to help the local government for its area to prepare a local

  16. Liveability in Townsville - Townsville City Council

    27 Nov 2020: The Liveability Strategy seeks to strengthen Townsville’s liveability assets and improve Townsville’s liveability challenges through a comprehensive and citizen-centric approach. ... View the Liveability Strategy 2020-2024 (PDF, 2.2 MB). The

  17. Disaster Plans & Studies - Townsville City Council

    28 Aug 2020: This plan provides the framework for the management of asbestos containing material during a disaster situation. ... The purpose of this plan is to provide an effective and well-coordinated management of a shelters and evacuation centres.

  18. Environmental Grants & Partnerships - Townsville City Council

    12 Nov 2020: Applicants are also required to complete and submit a COVID Safe Plan as part of the eligibility checks for their initiative. ... If you require any support in understanding and preparing a COVID Safe Plan, please contact the Grants and Partnerships Team

  19. Quarterly-Performance-Report-Quarter-2-2017-as-at-23 February 2017 PDF (2919k)

    6 Mar 2017: Staff currently working on Strand Ephemera so maintenance management plan target date has been extended to 30 June 2017. ... Learning &Information Services. Programme progressing as planned. Library Administration. Management plans and strategic plan are

  20. Australian and Queensland Governments COVID-19 support and…

    9 Nov 2020: Instant assets write-off threshold. The instant asset write-off threshold has been increased to $150, 000 until 30 June 2020. ... For more information visit the Australian Government -   Increasing the Instant Asset Write-Off webpage.

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