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  1. Corporate Information - Townsville City Council

    23 Jun 2021: 2020/21 Strategic Asset Management Plan (PDF, 3.0 MB). Council has developed a Corporate Governance Framework to ensure compliance with legislation and best practice democratic local government. ... Ross River Waterway System – Management of

  2. Asset Management Policy PDF (274k)

    13 Sep 2018: Asset Management System – means a system forms an integrated part of council’s management of mission, corporate plan, policies, objectives, asset and service management plans, operational plans, supporting activities, control activities,

  3. Sitemap - Townsville City Council

    6 Jul 2021: View our sitemap with a list of every page on our website.

  4. Forms & Permits - Townsville City Council

    10 Jun 2021: Minimise impact generated by organised commercial activities on public open space, beaches, park assets. ... Council can mark the location of water and wastewater infrastructure assets for you.

  5. Works & Road Closures - Townsville City Council

    27 Jul 2021: Council is undertaking annual coastal management work to the shoreline at Horseshoe Bay as part of Council’s Shoreline Erosion Management Plan. ... Works Notification - Coastal Management - Horseshoe Bay foreshore, Magnetic Island (PDF, 400.6 KB).

  6. Energy from Waste in NQ | COVID-19 Taskforce

    17 Jun 2021: Proposed Policy. Off the back of the assessment of the current infrastructure situation, the State government should develop a long-term (30 year) infrastructure plan, including 5-10 year plans, and ... National Waste Policy and Action Plan 2019.

  7. Trade Waste - Townsville City Council

    16 Jun 2021: The owner of the property is the trade waste approval holder, as per the Townsville City Council Trade Waste Management Plan. ... Trade Waste Management Plan (PDF, 1.0 MB). For more information on trade waste, contact the Assets and Hydraulics Unit on 13

  8. Policies - Townsville City Council

    1 Jul 2021: Asset Management Policy. ... The management, acquisition and disposal of strategic land and property assets are to be conducted in accordance with this policy.

  9. Business Services - Townsville City Council

    16 Jun 2021: Our monthly plans start at as low as $100. Book your free phone consultation now. ... Brand Strategy - Campaign Strategy - Identity Design - Website Design - Collateral rollout - Print &Packaging - Social Media Styling - Digital Assets.

  10. Works within the Council Footpath - Townsville City Council

    10 Jun 2021: A traffic management plan delivers the method for directing the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic while the work is in progress. ... If you are unsure whether you should prepare a traffic management plan, please contact Council.

  11. Botanic Gardens - Townsville City Council

    10 Jun 2021: Initiated in the early 1930's, the garden today is an innovative botanic accomplishment and a wonderful public asset. ... Download the Queens Gardens Cultural Heritage Conservation Management Plan (PDF, 13.7 MB).

  12. Community Plan PDF (1755k)

    27 Apr 2016: The community plan has been developed by the Townsville community, for the community. ... The plan is at the forefront of council’s planning, informing the Corporate Plan 2009- 2014, long-term financial plan, asset management plans and operational plans

  13. Budget 2021/22 - Townsville City Council

    23 Jun 2021: The Townsville City Council 2021/22 Budget &Operational Plan was adopted at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Wednesday 23 June 2021. ... Managing and growing a city is just as much about the social investment as it is about industry and assets.

  14. Works for Queensland (W4Q) - Townsville City Council

    25 Jun 2021: Completed. Council is committed to providing our community with the infrastructure assets to enjoy within our city’s parks, sporting field and recreational areas. ... Identified asset infrastructure, BBQ, shelters and gazebos that have reached their

  15. Townsville Water Standards PDF (477k)

    27 Apr 2016: 100%. Adequacy and Quality of Supply Compliance with drinking water quality requirements in accordance with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and the Townsville Water Drinking Water Quality Management Plan. ... We also comply with our regulator

  16. June - Townsville City Council

    10 Jun 2021:

  17. DWQMP Annual Report 2016-17 PDF (1034k)

    18 Dec 2017: Townsville City Council’s Drinking Water Quality Management Plan Annual. Report on December 2014. ... 3 Actions Taken To Implement The DWQMP. The Drinking Water Quality Management Plan is managed and updated by.

  18. Publication Scheme - Townsville City Council

    10 Jun 2021: Register of Infrastructure Agreements. Planning Section. Team Manager Planning Services. Register of Interim Land Use Plans under the EDA. ... Planning Section. Team Leader Business Support Planning Services. Register of Submitted Plans of Operation

  19. Budget & Operational Plan PDF (2191k)

    23 Jun 2021: Term Definition Asset condition assessment. An assessment that details how we can manage our assets with effective maintenance plans and schedules to determine they deliver the required services. ... x Financial impact of key strategies including the

  20. 2021 - Townsville City Council

    10 Jun 2021:

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