Abandoned Goods

The definition of an abandoned good is any inanimate (not alive) goods or materials of any kind, found on any road which includes the footpath, in any park or on any other land under the control of council apparently abandoned, discarded, lost or of which no owner is known to the council.

  • What do I do if I have a concern?
    • Contact council to lodge a complaint. Your name and address will be required together with the location of the offending breach. Personal details are of a confidential nature.
  • What action does council take?
    • An inspection is carried out to determine the substance of the abandoned goods and locate any identifiable items which may lead to the owner of goods. Council will also endeavour to conclude whether the goods are the property of a person residing in the immediate vicinity, in which case that person will be requested to remove all items within a specified time frame.

      Should ownership of the abandoned goods not be determined, such goods may be seized or destroyed. Seized goods may be either reclaimed by the owner, or sold by public auction to a reserve price sufficient to recover council costs.


For more information, please phone 13 48 10 or contact Environmental Health Services.