Terms and Conditions

Site Clothing and Safety

All visitors taking part in any Learnscape tour must wear the following essential clothing:

  • Flat fully enclosed footwear. Sandals or thongs are not appropriate and shoes with heels are not recommended. Visitors without sufficient footwear will not be permitted to take part in tour.
  • Clothing appropriate to protect against weather including sunscreen, hat and insect repellent.

Student/Group Supervision

Townsville City Council Officers will conduct activities with teachers/facilitators present.

  • School/groups must ensure sufficient supervision as per their own policies and requirements for excursions
  • Behaviour management is the school’s responsibility
  • Teachers are expected to supervise their students at all times:
    • While on tour, stay with your tour guide at all times
    • Refrain from climbing on and/or over railings
    • Refrain from touching any machinery or equipment
    • Refrain from running
    • Students are not permitted to walk across roadway areas without direction/supervision


Due to Workplace Health & Safety requirements, some Learnscape Tours are limited to high school only. Please see information relating to your chosen tour. Some sites visited are not wheelchair accessible. Please discuss further details with the Water Educator Officer.

Extreme Weather

Tours may be re-scheduled in extreme weather events (i.e. heavy rain or extreme heatwave conditions).


An emergency brief will be given at the beginning of tour. In an emergency, visitors should adhere to the instructions given by operational staff.

Public Liability

Townsville City Council has appropriate public liability cover and the facilitator of the tour will have current blue card accreditation.