The Ecosophy Garden

The Townsville City Council Ecosophy Garden is launching 20 May 2022 (World Bee Day) and is located on the corner of 143 Walker Street and Stanley Street in Townsville City. The garden was created to reinvigorate and beautify a prominent city garden bed while also showcasing a pollinator-supportive garden that has:

  • flowers, herbs and low-growing native shrubs
  • a food and nest environment for bees and pollinators
  • an educative environment and sustainable information on signage
  • native non-sting bees.

The 13 revamped garden beds are a living, breathing, small-scale ecosystem for plants, which attracts bees, ladybugs, worms, snails and microbes. The secret recipe to the healthy soil is 100% local waste. Atlas Soils veggie growers blend includes:

  • organics from the Townsville City Council Garden Organics trial across 500 homes
  • HumiSoil made from 100% small business waste across 8 businesses
  • coffee grounds from 17 local cafes.

The Ecosophy Garden is a co-designed space, and product, machine hire, transport and time was donated for this community project by: