Tip Vouchers

Tip Vouchers

We offer a voucher system for the tip, which is issued with the biannual rates notice (generally February and August). View the most commonly asked questions about tip vouchers below.

  • Why is there a tip voucher system?
    • The tip voucher system was introduced as an affordable way to help residents to keep their properties clean and tidy.
  • Am I eligible for tip vouchers?
    • Owners of residential property in Townsville who pay a waste services charge are eligible. Vouchers are distributed with the two property rates notices each year.

      Landlords and property managers are encouraged to pass vouchers onto their tenants.
      Commercial customers cannot use the vouchers and are charged the relevant fees to dispose at council's waste facilities.
  • What will my vouchers entitle me to?
    • You can dispose of domestic waste (including green waste) at any of the city's waste facilities. Each voucher is equal to a car boot, utility tray, a small trailer or four wheelie bins.

      Providing you present your tip voucher(s), you will be eligible to dispose of your waste free of charge.
  • Is there anything I can't use my vouchers for?
    • Vouchers cannot be used for the disposal of tyres, car bodies, asbestos, regulated or 'special waste' and commercial waste.
    • These items will be charged at the relevant disposal rate.
  • Where can I use my vouchers?
  • How do I use my tip vouchers?
    • Present your voucher at the gatehouse. An officer will assess your load and tell you how many vouchers are required.
  • Can I use more than one voucher at a time?
    • Yes. A different number of vouchers is required for various sized loads.

      One voucher: Car boot, station wagon, utility, small trailer, up to four wheelie bins.
      Two vouchers: Van, long trailer, long utility, station wagon and trailer, utility and trailer.
      Three vouchers: Van and trailer, long utility and trailer.

      The gatehouse operator will confirm how many vouchers are required.

      Please note: No change is available for part loads.

  • What if I don't have enough vouchers for my load?
    • Vouchers can be used as part payment, and you can pay the remainder at the gatehouse.
  • How long are the vouchers valid for?
    • Vouchers operate on an annual cycle, ending on 30 September each year. Check your vouchers for the expiry date.
  • I've just moved into a new house - do I need to wait for my rates notice to get my vouchers?
    • Yes. Vouchers will be issued twice a year with the property rates notices.
    • If you're renting, contact your property manager or the owner to get your vouchers.
  • I've lost my vouchers, can I get them replaced?
    • No. Unfortunately, lost vouchers cannot be replaced. Please keep them safe.
  • Can I cash in any unused vouchers?
    • No. Because vouchers do not have an inherent 'cash value', they cannot be redeemed or used as a form of payment for other council services.
  • Can I use non-original vouchers (photocopied, printed etc)?
    • No, only original vouchers issued with your rates notice will be accepted.

For more information, please phone the Customer Service Centre on 1300 878 001 or email Townsville Waste.