Water Smart Package

The $10 million Water Smart Package provided renters, homeowners and body corporates in Townsville with vouchers and rebates for water-saving products and efficient watering systems.

The Package opened in July 2019 and was fully subscribed by November 2019 with more than 22,000 properties registering.

It was funded by the Queensland Government and supported by 10 local businesses including Addisons Mitre 10, AJW Services, Atomic Irrigation Services, Bedrock Landscape Supplies, Coastal Dry Tropics Landcare Inc., Globe Australia, Professional Pump Services and Irrigation – PPS, Project Plants Trade Centre, Revegetation Contractors and Townsville Mini Loads.

More than 164,000 products and services were ordered including 90,000 native water wise plants, 16,600 tap timers, 21,000 low flow sprinklers, and over 28,500 cubic metres of mulch was delivered to more than 9,500 households.

The $10 million Water Smart Package is part of Council’s three-point water security solution which also includes:

  • The new 1.8m-diameter pipeline
  • A Recycled Water Reuse Scheme for public open spaces and industrial use

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