Lansdown Industrial Precinct

Project Overview

The Lansdown Industrial Precinct is intended to be Northern Australia’s first environmentally sustainable advanced manufacturing, processing and technology estate.

The Precinct is primed to realise the objectives of the Townsville City Deal (a tri-partisan agreement spanning 15 years and all levels of government) to activate industry and export growth for Townsville and its regional partners as the Industry Powerhouse of the North. For further information on the Townsville City Deal visit the City Deals website.

The Precinct offers significant strategic positioning to existing and future infrastructure networks including:

  • direct access available to the Great Northern Railway (connecting Port of Townsville to Mount Isa);
  • close proximity to the Port of Townsville via high volume road corridors (Flinders Highway, Bruce Highway and Southern Port Access Road) including B-Triple carriageway capacity on major routes to Port;
  • immediate adjacency to the Enertrade Gas Pipeline;
  • Woodstock Ergon Sub-station;
  • Co-location with low-cost, locally-generated energy from the approved 200-megawatt Majors Creek Solar Farm by Edify Energy (located at 67 Macconachies Road, Majors Creek);
  • Future connection of the Precinct to the Haughton Pipeline which will provide raw water supply for industrial users; and,
  • The Queensland Government has recently announced $20 million in discounts to assist with the reduction of freight costs on the Mount Isa to Townsville rail line to commence from 1 July 2019. The Queensland Government will also provide $30 million for the building of a new container terminal at the Port of Townsville, which will allow shipping containers to be brought by train straight into the port, instead of having to be unloaded at Stuart and then driven 12km by truck. The port will provide the remaining $18 million required for the project.

Download the Precinct Advantages Map (PDF, 15.5 MB)

Refer to ‘Mount Isa Line plan puts North West minerals freight on fast track’, published by Queensland Government on 9 June 2019.

In line with the Townsville City Deal Commitment 13 – “Woodstock Intersection Upgrade” and Initiative 4 – “Industry Powerhouse for the North” Townsville City Council is amending the Townsville City Plan to create the Lansdown Industrial Precinct as an environmentally sustainable advanced manufacturing, processing and technology estate.

As part of the planning scheme amendment process there will be further consultation with stakeholders including relevant indigenous parties, residents and owners of nearby land, and prospective users of the land. The draft planning scheme amendment to change the zoning to high impact industry has been submitted to the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning for state review as required under the Planning Act 2016.

While the planning scheme amendment process progresses, Council intends to work with selected parties to make the land development-ready.

Media Releases

Open Call to Tender for Project Partners for Development of the Lansdown Industrial Precinct (TOW00135)

Round 1

On 15 July 2019, Council released a tender seeking proposals to lease, buy or otherwise deal with land within the precinct from parties with an interest in carrying out industrial uses upon completion of the planning scheme amendment process.

Townsville City Council seeks proposals from interested parties that will assist in realising the objectives of the Precinct including:

  • Best-practice, low-emission, energy-efficient ecologically sensitive industrial development;
  • Innovative and dynamic enterprises that support the creation of new job opportunities for Townsville residents;
  • Co-location of industrial uses, such as advanced manufacturing, processing and technology, with supporting and complementary enterprises that grow the domestic and international profile of Townsville; and
  • Minimising adverse amenity impacts upon lands outside the precinct.

Round 1 of this tender closed at 10am on 10 July 2019.

Council has recently completed Stage 1 of tender assessment and has conditionally committed land tendered for by all submissions received during this round. Council has now invited short-listed tenderers to commence negotiations on Term Sheets for the land and proposed developments as part of Stage 2.

Round 2

Council has opened Round 2 of this tender and invites proposals until 30 September 2019. For further information about this tender, please refer to Council’s Tenderlink website.

Council will conduct further tender rounds subject to the continued availability of land within the precinct. Council reserves the right to discontinue the tender process at the close of any tender round at the Council’s discretion and without further notice.

Conditionally Committed and Available Land

As soon as possible after each tender round, Council will make available a map showing the portions of land within the Precinct that are available, committed, and committed subject to fulfilment of conditions.

Please refer to the most updated map below:

For any questions regarding the development of the Lansdown Industrial Precinct and Tender process, please contact the Future Cities Office on 13 48 10.