Ephemera: Seaside Sculptures, formerly known as Strand Ephemera, emerged in 2001 through the initiative of Townsville City Council. Its purpose was to provide a platform for regional artists to showcase their exceptional talent. In 2021, the festival underwent a rebranding, bringing about a renewed sense of energy and excitement.

Today, Ephemera: Seaside Sculptures stands proudly as one of the most prominent biennial outdoor sculpture festivals in Northern Australia. It has grown to captivate audiences with displays of creativity and artistic expression.

Ephemera: Seaside Sculptures is not just about the sculptures themselves; it offers a multitude of engaging programs that immerse visitors in the world of art. The festival curates a diverse collection of sculptures, featuring renowned artists from both national and international spheres. In addition to these established names, emerging artists compete for recognition and awards such as the $1,000 wilson/ryan/grose Lawyer's People's Choice Award, the $10,000 Artistic Excellence Award, and the highly coveted $90,000 Ephemera: Seaside Sculptures Acquisitive Prize.

The organisation and coordination of Ephemera: Seaside Sculptures is carried out by Townsville City Council, with the valuable support of a dedicated volunteer taskforce.

Cartoon jellyfish with tentacle extended horizontally