Strand Ephemera

The North’s Sculpture Festival

Strand Ephemera – the North’s Sculpture Festival held biennially is Townsville’s highly anticipated outdoor sculpture exhibition of state and national significance.

This event was established by Townsville City Council to provide regional artists an opportunity to showcase their talent within a national arena, with a focus on works being ‘ephemeral’ for the short-lived exhibition of around 10 days encouraged artists to use inexpensive materials.

In 2017 Strand Ephemera reached new heights attracting over 155,704 visitors during the 10 day display period.  The exhibition was supported by a multitude of engaging public programs, and featured a selection of curated works alongside those competing for the major $10,000 prize.

Strand Ephemera has garnered significant support from the private and corporate sector within Townsville, gains considerable media coverage, and attracts visitors locally, nationally and internationally.

2019 Strand Ephemera Call for Entries

Artists are invited to submit concepts for Strand Ephemera using either the online or PDF Entry Forms below. In developing proposals, artists are asked to consider the specific site for which the work is intended and how their work will be viewed for both day and night audiences.

Selected works will be on display along Townsville’s picturesque 2km beachfront promenade, The Strand, from 26 July – 4 August 2019.

Successful applicants will be granted a $5,000 Artist Fee to support them in making their work, and vie for a major $10,000 prize.

Entries have now closed.

For further information, contact our gallery on 13 48 10.

For visuals of The Strand click on the map below.