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Healthy Recipes

When our bodies and minds are healthy, we feel better and can get more out of life. Small changes can make a difference, the Healthier. Happier. Recipes website has lots of great recipes to help you take the first steps.

Download the Fruit and Vegetable Seasonality Chart (PDF).

Sun Safety

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 Sun Safety competition who have each won a take home Get Active and Healthy pack!

  • Meagen Davis
  • Nicole Drew
  • Melanie Mein
  • Laura Orsi-Espeleta
  • Chloe Preece
  • Emma Priddle
  • Cheryl Smith
  • Sally Webb

Townsville has a huge number of sunny days per year, which is great, but if we don’t protect ourselves properly there are risks with spending time outside.

In support of National Skin Care Action Week from 15 – 21 November, we are asking you to show us how you are Sun Smart!

All you have to do is take a photo and submit it below for your chance to WIN 1 of 10 Sun Safe packs!

Show us how you are sun smart and don't forget to tag #townsvilleshines

Competition has now closed.

Remember, there is more to sun protection than sunscreen. You can protect yourself in five ways:

  • SLIP on sun protective clothing
  • SLOP on SPF30 or above sunscreen
  • SLAP on a broad brimmed hat
  • SEEK shade
  • SLIDE on wraparound sunglasses

Download the Slip, Slop, Slap Tip sheet to print and display.

Preventing skin cancer

Watch this short video by the Cancer Council to see some tips on staying safe in the sun!


Body mass index, or BMI, is one way to determine whether you are in a healthy weight range for your height and is used to measure health related risks

Test your BMI by using the calculator to the right.

Visit The Heart Foundation website to find out more on BMI readings.

Supplied by BMI Calculator Australia

Healthy Eating

It isn’t too late to start eating healthy! Healthy eating is a lifestyle, not a diet and doesn’t focus on one type of food or one type of nutrient.

Following the Heart Foundation’s simple steps and foods from the below list will ensure you are living your best and healthy life!

  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Protein
  • Reduced-fat dairy
  • Healthy fat choices
  • Herbs and spices instead of salt
  • Drinks

Visit the Heart Foundation's website for more information.

Core 4 Kids Lunch Box tips

Let the Healthy Kids Association make packing your child’s lunch box easy!  Visit Healthy Kids Association website to find out more!

Download the Healthy Kids Association lunch box flyer here.

What does a balanced lunchbox look like?

Pack the core 4 + 1:

  1. Main lunch
  2. Snack
  3. Piece of fruit
  4. Water (and additional small milk or juice for variety)
    +1. Extra Snack for active kids

Heart Attacks

How does a heart attack happen? Heart attacks occur when there is a “sudden complete blockage of any artery that suppliers blood to an area of your heart” – Heart Foundation, 2018. To read more on heart attacks, the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment read more on the Heart Foundation website

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