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Townsville's Community Information Centre maintains a series of directories - one of which contains sporting clubs of Townsville.

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Get Active Clubs program provides our sporting clubs with a professionally managed club development and support program. This program allows sporting clubs, no matter their size, to have professional assistance in everything from starting a club to managing a club successfully.

The Get Active Clubs program assists and empowers clubs to:

  • Increase levels of participation in their sport
  • Be well managed and governed
  • Achieve good practice and minimum operating standards
  • Develop an environment that will promote growth and development
  • Provide an atmosphere and culture that is attractive to current and future club members


The Get Active Clubs program is all about information sharing and sustaining self-sufficient community clubs. Registration to the Get Active Clubs program enables access to range of resources, information and additional council support.

The information collected for registration will only be used by council to:

  • Assist in service delivery/consultation
  • Send you relevant Council material
  • Update clubs with information relating to Sport and Recreation events and activities
  • Update clubs with information about grant opportunities

To register for the Get Active Clubs program fill out the Registration form.

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Resources available

The Get Active Clubs program has a range of information, support and guidance to clubs and their volunteers.

  • Planning and development
  • Club management
  • Committee management
  • Club policies
  • Financial management
  • Governance
  • Grants – funding – sponsorship
  • Risk management
  • Volunteer management
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Best Practice


Council delivers workshops that are specifically designed for sport and recreation organisations to increase skills and knowledge within their clubs. There are a wide range of workshops that provide education and training opportunities for administrators, coaches, parents and officials that focus on important issues relevant to their clubs.

Register for the Get Active Clubs program or visit council’s What’s On website for more details.

Get Active Grants Program

Council recognises the tremendous work and contribution that community organisation make in our communities. Support is available and applications are welcome to help continue and enhance the impact community organisations are already having in the local Townsville area .

To find out how your initiative can align to the Townsville Grants and Partnerships program please visit Council’s Grants and Partnerships page.


Communication between council and clubs is an integral part of the Get Active Clubs program.

To receive the latest and most relevant information for sport and recreation organisations sign up to the Get Active Clubs E-newsletter.

Contact Us

Contact Townsville City Council’s Sport and Recreation team for more details about Get Active + Healthy.

Phone: 13 48 10