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 Council has reviewed its water restrictions policy and there are new rules as of 25 August 2015

We are currently on Level 1 restrictions

Level 1 water restrictions apply to the Townsville Service area only

(Excluding Cungulla and Paluma service areas)

The new water restrictions rules:

With Townsville continuing to grow at a rapid speed, we're using more and more water every day.

The future of our water supply is managed under council's Water Network Demand Strategy. It takes into account things like building new infrastructure, upgrading old infrastructure, investigating new technologies, and improving water treatment processes.

Water restrictions are just one part of this much bigger strategy to manage our water supply now and for the future.

Why are water restrictions needed?

Water restrictions can be introduced for two reasons:

  1. The rate of water use is too high and needs to be slowed down to ensure the supply doesn't run out
  2. There is a problem with infrastructure so it can't produce enough water to meet the demand

Under water restrictions residents are given specific days and times where they are allowed to use sprinklers or irrigation systems on their gardens and lawns. Watering days are allocated according to an odds and evens system.

In some limited instances water restriction exemptions can be applied for, please email and advise the details regarding your exemption request. Council will assess these exemptions case by case.

New Level 1 Water Restrictions - Townsville service area only

Residential, rural and commercial lawns and gardens (including school grounds/gardens)

There is currently no restriction on washing vehicles and boats, or washing hard surfaces.

            Watering days

Even house or lot numbers

Tuesday and Saturday

Odd house or lot numbers

Wednesday and Sunday 

Watering times
*Sprinkler use 5am - 7am and 6pm - 8pm
Hand-held watering Any time on any day

*A sprinkler is any device for distributing irrigation water. This includes a pipe or hose system with a nozzle, a soaker hose and any other device intended to distribute, sprinkle, or spray water including an automatic irrigation system. It does not include hand-held hoses or drip-irrigation systems.


Reduce irrigation by 14% in Townsville City Council parks and gardens.

Sports fields (including school sports fields)

Watering times
Sprinkler use 5am - 7am and 6pm - 8pm
Hand-held watering Any time on any day

Commercial nurseries and market gardens

Watering times

Hand-held trigger or twist nozzle
Water efficient sprinkler/irrigation
Watering can or bucket

4pm to 9am

For more information, please phone the Customer Service Centre on 1300 878 001 or send an email to Townsville Water.

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