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Level 2 Water Restrictions are now in place 

We are currently on Level 2 restrictions

Restrictions apply to the Townsville Service area only (excluding Cungulla and Paluma service areas)

Why are restrictions needed?

You may have noticed things are pretty dry around Townsville at the moment. We've had two failed wet seasons, and experts are predicting another dry summer. With the huge amount of water we use and no new rain to fill it our dam is getting very low, and we need to do everything we can to make sure it doesn't go dry. It's never been more important for us all to Love Every Drop.

Want to know how our water supply is doing? Keep an eye on the water levels in the Ross River Dam.

Find out the water restrictions for:
  • Residential, rural and commercial lawns and gardens (including school grounds/gardens)
  • Council
  • Sports fields (including school sports fields)
  • Commercial nurseries and market gardens

Want to know more? Everything else you need to know about water restrictions.

Quick facts about our city's water

  • Townsville residents use over four times more water per person than in most major cities
  • The average Townsville household uses 1,700 litres of water per day, while in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne households use around 210 to 285 litres per day
  • More than 70% of Townsville's water supply is currently being used on residential lawns and gardens
  • We are currently going through one of the driest periods on record. The weather bureau forecasts that the strong El Nino cycle we're in means the dry spell is likely to continue for a while.

What level 2 water restrictions mean to youLevel 2 water restrictions

Level 2 water restrictions mean our water supply has fallen to 30%. Under Level 2 water restrictions, water patrol officers will be monitoring water use and will issue fines to those found to be repeatedly not complying with the restrictions. Any previous exemptions to restrictions no longer apply under Level 2.

Details of what is allowed under Level 2 restrictions is below:

Residential, rural and commercial lawns and gardens (including school grounds/gardens)

  • Sprinkler and irrigation systems only to be used between 6pm and 8pm (Odd and evens system applies)
  • Handheld watering at any time on any day
Even houses - Tuesday and Saturday
Odd houses - Wednesday and Sunday
  • Washing vehicles and boats (other than flushing boat motors) by bucket or water efficient car wash only
  • Washing hard surfaces by pressure washers only


  • 24% reduction in irrigation
  • No watering between 9am and 4pm

To find out more about restrictions on council's water use, read the Frequently Asked Questions about Water Restrictions.

Sports fields (including school sports fields)

  • Sprinklers and irrigation systems only to be used between 6pm and 8pm
  • Handheld watering at any time

Commercial nurseries and market gardens

  • No watering between 9am and 4pm
  • Watering outside of 9am to 4pm only by:
    • Water efficient sprinkler
    • Handheld trigger or twist nozzle
    • Irrigation system
    • Watering can or bucket

Everything else you need to know about water restrictions

Water restrictions and managing our city's water supply and demand are very complicated issues. Below are some documents that cover all of the most common questions we get about water restrictions.

Water Restrictions Information Sheet - Click button to view full document Frequently Asked Questions - Click button to view full document

Residential water restrictions all levels - Click button to download fact sheet

A complete breakdown of water the
different levels of restrictions mean for different property types

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about water restrictions

A quick guide to water restrictions for residential properties

Council has reviewed its water restrictions policy and it was approved on 24 August, 2015. Read the policy to find out more detail.

For more information, please phone the Customer Service Centre on 1300 878 001 or send an email to Townsville Water. 

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