Bins & Collections

Waste collection is one of our community’s most valued services with more than 6.5 million bin collections annually.

Red waste and yellow recycling binFind out your bin collection days for your waste and recycling, and how to order a new bin, report a damaged bin or report a missed collection.

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Tips for a Top Bin Collection

Ensure you:

  • Bins must be placed 0.5 metres apart.
  • Place your bin out before 6am on your collection day. Too early? You can put them out the night before!
  • Place your bin facing the road, with the wheels closest to your property.
  • Do not overload your bin (max weight 50kg) or our trucks can’t lift it!
  • Have the bin lid closed flat, do not overfill.
  • Place bins as close to kerbside as possible and not on the road.
  • Place your bins more than 1m away from objects including parked cars, under trees, power poles and other similar obstructions. Obstructed bins cannot be collected.
  • Place the correct waste in each bin, if drivers identify contamination, bins cannot be serviced.
  • Bag any Green waste before placing in bin (such as grass clippings or leaf matter).
  • Place Green waste in the waste bin, it is not a recyclable material.
  • Avoid compacting waste into the bin, which could result in the bin being half emptied.

Your Bin Collection Days