Waste & Recycling

Our Resource Recovery team are responsible for waste, recycling, and resource recovery across 5 facilities and approximately 84,532 properties in Townsville. They lift over 6.5 million bins from the kerbside and manage more than 300,000 tonnes of material annually.

Kerbside refuse service (collection of your bins) runs 365 days a year, regardless of public holidays.

The safety of our drivers and community is paramount and giving us space when collecting your bins will help us make sure that everyone goes home safe today and every day.

To help us, follow these simple rules:

  • Ensure your bin is out by 6am on bin day and place on the kerb, not the road.
  • Keep 0.5m space around your bin. This includes space from other bins, cars, fences, letterboxes and trees.
  • Keep well clear of the truck while we are collecting bins to protect yourself and our drivers.

On these pages you can find out the collection days for your waste and recycling bins, how to order a new bin, and how to report damaged bins and missed collections.