Compassionate Communities

Council is a proactive leader in the compassionate communities' space by providing the Mother's and Father's Day Memorial events in collaboration with local musicians and organisations. Memorial events offer a safe space for people to come together, unite in their shared experiences of death and ultimately build peer-to-peer support networks.

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"Compassionate communities acknowledge that death, dying, loss, grief and caregiving are everyone's business and not only the job of our health service and health professionals." – (Wegleitner, Heimerl, & Kellehear, 2016. p. xiv).

Council has operated the cemeteries within the Townsville region since 2010.

The mainland cemeteries are located at Belgian Gardens and West End. The Townsville War Cemetery is situated within the Belgian Gardens Cemetery. Manton Cemetery is a small cemetery located west of Townsville. There is also one historic cemetery located at Magnetic Island.

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Cemetery Listings

Statement of Principles

The Townsville Cemeteries Statement of Principles has been developed to provide a consistent approach to the operation of cemeteries owned, managed and maintained by Townsville City Council.

These principles apply to all individuals, organisations, businesses and Council staff who enter a cemetery under Townsville City Council’s control.

Quarantine Station and Town Common Historic Graves

Near the Quarantine Station located at Cape Pallarenda Conservation Park, lies a small historic burial site.

For more information visit the Queensland Government website.

Although a cemetery was never officially gazetted, it is thought that the Town Common may contain several graves, although the location of the graves is unknown.

Arranging a Funeral

Arranging a funeral can be an overwhelming experience for many people. To arrange a funeral, you should contact a Funeral Director who can assist you to arrange all aspects of the funeral including burial, cremation and memorialisation options. Your Funeral Director will work closely with our cemeteries staff to make the necessary burial arrangements, on your behalf.

Reserve a Site

Many families choose to benefit by planning ahead and securing a position in the location of their choice. This can provide peace of mind and also means that your family members will not have to make this difficult decision at an emotional time.

If you wish to reserve a site at our Belgian Gardens Cemetery please contact Council on 13 48 10.

The following forms relate to grave/site reservations, and burial matters.

Should you have difficulty downloading the form, or require assistance while completing the form, please contact Townsville Cemeteries on 13 48 10.

Fees and Charges

Visit our Fees and Charges page for the current Belgian Gardens, West End and Manton Cemeteries interment costs.

Cemetery Search

The first official burial records in Townsville were recorded in 1873.

You can search for people interred at one of our cemeteries in these PDF documents:

Performing a name search:

  1. press ‘Ctrl + F’ (or 'Command + F' on a Mac)
  2. type the name in the pop up search.


Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, records contained herein are compiled from official Cemetery records, some of which are over one hundred years old and therefore their complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Every attempt is made to keep the information up-to-date and accurate, however, Townsville City Council makes no warranty, guarantee or promise, expressed or implied, concerning the content of these documents.

Note: Townsville City Council does not hold records of ashes interred at crematoriums. Researchers would need to contact the relevant crematorium for information relating to these records.