Accessible Townsville

Townsville City Council recognises that creating an accessible city is a key factor in improving the lives of residents and visitors.

Council is committed to working with our community in providing accessible places.

Mobility in Townsville

In 2019, in partnership with Briometrix and Spinal Life Australia Council completed Stage 1 of the Navability project. Using modern mapping technology, wheelchairs were turned into mapping tools with devices installed to track routes of the individuals participating in the project. As part of Stage 1, the wheelchair pilots navigated the CBD and surrounding key landmarks and will continue to map further parts of the city next year in Stage 2.

BrioMetrix Mobility in Townsville Map provides an accessible effort rating system to support navigation planning for when you visit places within our city. This information is relevant to the elderly, frail and walkers, as well as users of wheelchairs, strollers and mobility scooters, anyone with wheels on pathways or mobility consideration needs.

Mobility in Townsville map preview

Accessible Experience Ratings

Get to know our city more through the Spinal Life Australia Accessible Australia app.

The Accessible Australia app is a free online resource where users can find accessible places and experiences and leave reviews to help others.

Similar to TripAdvisor, people across the globe will be able to find out about places and spaces to visit in Townsville that are accessible to all.

This platform brings another layer of localised information that supports Councils work in areas such as Mobility Mapping and is another step towards making our city accessible for all.

Share your experience of how accessible our city is by leaving reviews at Accessible Australia.

For more information, visit Spinal Life Australia.

Accessible Beaches

Beach access mats have been rolled out on The Strand to help improve accessibility for anyone in the community with a mobility issue. The beach mats allow people who use a wheelchair or parents pushing a pram or stroller to get onto the beach without assistance. The project cost almost $20,000 and was funded under the Queensland Government’s Works For Queensland program.

Going down to the beach and sitting on the sand with your family is something that a lot of people really take for granted.

These beach mats will allow anyone who uses a wheelchair or mobility device to be able to get down on to the beach and be with their friends and family.

It’s going to change people’s lives just by making it possible for people to get on to the beach unassisted. The Strand is one of our most iconic locations and now it is going to be accessible for everyone in our community.

The project is really important in making our community more accessible for everyone living here.

Council has been working with the Lifeguard Services to roll out the mats on a regular basis on the Strand Beach.

Beach Access Mats

Beach Access Mats

Wheelchairs, prams and strollers can access Townsville’s beaches on mats in the following locations:

Beach Mat Availability
The Strand Every Friday 10:30am to Saturday 3pm and special events on the Strand Beach (in front of Strand Park).
Pallarenda TBA