Senior Awards

Each and every day throughout Townsville, there are countless senior residents who volunteer their time, contributing to the wellbeing of the Townsville community. Across our community, these volunteers connect people and provide services to others. The knowledge, skill, commitment and energy displayed by Townsville's senior residents is overwhelming.

These volunteers give their time, energy and skills without seeking public recognition or accolades for their contribution. The Townsville City Council Senior Awards have been designed to provide public thanks to those quiet achieving seniors who give so much to our city.

2022 Senior Awards Winners and Nominees

Award presentations were held during the Townsville City Council Seniors Luncheon at Townsville Stadium on Thursday 25 August 2022.

Female Senior of the Year

Betty Sayce

In 2021, Betty was acknowledged for 10 years of service in her role as volunteer at Brighter Lives, primarily at the Townsville University Hospital Cancer Clinic and Oncology Ward. Her role includes making teas and coffees for patients and families, helping to decorate the ward for Christmas and most importantly listening and hearing people's stories, offering compassion and understanding at incredibly difficult times. She also serves sausages at the sausage sizzles and brings a smile to faces around the ward alongside her husband Alan, often with colourful dress-ups for holidays.

She is able to empathise and offer a listening ear to those going through extremely tough times who may be miles away from family and friends. During the pandemic when volunteering was paused, she expressed how eager she was to put back on her ‘yellow shirt’ and get back to the hospital. She knows how much the volunteers can do to relieve some pressures of the staff and make things a little easier and lighter for patients.

Male Senior of the Year

Anthony Hallo

Anthony is a very humble senior of 77 years age who has served the city of Townsville in many wonderful ways. With a great love for music, his passion apart from volunteering is playing the piano. He can be found volunteering at Townsville University Hospital Palliative Care Unit every Friday. It is here he will play piano in the family lounge and has done so for over four years. Anthony calls it a privilege to play piano in the Townsville palliative care centre, and many listeners and staff in the unit have stated what a blessing he is.

He also volunteers at Stable on The Strand, supports aged care residents and prisoners and provides meals to the sick. During the recent conflict in Ukraine, Anthony set up a mercy ministry that supplied food stuffs, parcels, water and medical supplies, with 100% of all money raised going towards the needs of the people of Ukraine. He also travelled to Ukraine and spent several weeks volunteering.


  • Mr Anthony Hallo
  • Mr Terrence Scully
  • Mr Alan Sayce
  • Mrs Betty Sayce
  • Mrs Dawn Shanks
  • Mrs Deanne Bell
  • Ms Maree McClelland
  • Ms Nanette Hooker
  • Mrs Joyce Richards