Council policy states our intent, commitment or position on strategic issues and assists in informing the community and Council officers on Council's desired outcome.

Policies are approved and adopted by Council.

Council's policies

Please note that the following policies can be found in the 2023/24 Budget and Operational Plan.

  • Charitable and Community Organisations Rates and Charges Concession Policy
  • City Activation and Jobs Growth Policy
  • Debt Policy
  • Differential Rating Categories
  • Differential Rates, Limitations on Increases, Minimum General Rates
  • First Home Buyers Concession Policy
  • Hardship Concession Policy
  • Investment Policy
  • Nelly Bay Harbour Development Operational Plan
  • Pensioner Rates Concession Policy
  • Pre-2016 Pensioner Arrears Concession Policy
  • Revenue Policy
  • Revenue Statement
  • Rural Fire Levy
  • Utility Charges - Water
  • Utility Charges – Wastewater and Trade Waste
  • Utility Charges – Waste Management and Recycling

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  • Account Disputes - Water Consumption Reading Policy
    To guide council's practice and decision making with respect to account disputes relating to water consumption where the customer believes the water meter or reading may be inaccurate.

  • Advertising Spending Policy
    Council may place paid advertisements in various media to promote, inform and educate the public about its services and programs. Council must ensure that expenditure on advertising is appropriate and in the interest of the public.

  • Art in Public Space Policy
    This applies to all art in public space projects proposed, implemented and/or managed by Council and includes fine-art based public art, community art, integrated permanent and temporary public art, along with street art, and site activation projects.

  • Asset Management Policy
    The Townsville City Council will responsibly manage council-owned assets.

  • Audit Committee Policy
    Council has resolved to adopt a policy to establish an Audit Committee in accordance with section 105 of the Local Government Act 2009 and sections 208 to 211 of its associated legislation the Local Government Regulation 2012.

  • B

  • Beneficial Enterprises & Controlling Entities Policy
    Council will ensure all proposed or existing beneficial enterprises are in the best interest of the community and meet the objectives of the Local Government Act 2009, the Statutory Bodies Financial Arrangements Act 1982.

  • Business Continuity Management Policy
    Council recognises the importance of organisational resilience to ensure the uninterrupted availability of all key business resources and critical business functions.

  • C

  • Child Safety Policy
    Townsville City Council is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people who use its services.

  • City of Townsville Art Collection Policy
    The City of Townsville Art Collection is recognised as a significant cultural resource of the city, primarily representing the development of art and craft in Australia.

  • CityLibraries' Public Meeting Rooms Policy
    Townsville City Council provides access to its public meeting rooms to allow commercial users, community groups, special interest groups and not-for-profit organisations to hold meetings and workshops on a periodic basis.

  • Code of Conduct for Staff
    Townsville City Council aims to conduct its business with integrity, honesty and fairness and to comply with all relevant laws, regulations, codes and corporate standards.

  • Code of Meeting Practice Policy
    Council will conduct its meetings in accordance with relevant laws and this Code of Meeting Practice.

  • Common Seal Policy
    To provide guidance for use of council’s common seal for ceremonial documentation.

  • Community Engagement Policy
    Townsville City Council is committed to ensuring inclusive and effective community engagement to assist in the delivery of high quality local government.

  • Community Grants Policy
    Townsville City Council recognises the vital contribution that community organisations make to the economic, social, community and cultural wellbeing of the Townsville community.

  • Competitive Neutrality Complaints Management Procedure
    This procedure applies to all potential or actual competitive neutrality complaints that the Council receives or of which it becomes aware.

  • Complaints Management Policy
    Council is committed to a complaints management process which ensures the transparent, effective and timely resolution of complaints.

  • Complaints about Public Official Policy
    Section 48A of the Crime and Corruption Act 2001 (Qld) (CC Act) requires Townsville City Council (TCC), as a unit of public administration, to have a policy for how TCC will deal with a complaint that involves, or may involve, corruption of the public official.

  • Concession of Water Charges for Home Haemodialysis Patients Policy
    To provide a concession for water service charges incurred in respect of kidney disease patients who are undergoing home haemodialysis treatment.

  • Confidentiality Policy
    This policy records the council’s commitment to preserving the confidentiality of information held by the council.

  • Council Advisory Committees Policy
    Advisory Committees are appointed to provide regular advice and information to Council on specific subjects of interest to the community and Council.

  • Councillor Acceptable Request Guidelines
    The aim of these guidelines is to facilitate a positive working relationship between Councillors as elected representatives of the community and the staff employed to administer the operations of Council.

  • Councillor contact with Lobbyists, Developers and Submitters - Officers Present
    Lobbyists, developers and submitters seek access to councillors to discuss potential and existing development applications and other projects. The public has a clear expectation that such contact is carried out ethically and transparently.

  • Councillor Expense Reimbursement Policy
    To provide guidance for reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred by councillors in discharging their duties and responsibilities.

  • Councillor Facilities Policy
    To provide councillors with the facilities necessary to efficiently discharge their duties and responsibilities as councillors.

  • Councillors' and Officers' Indemnity Policy
    Council will indemnify each councillor and council officer against civil liability and legal expenses arising from any claim concerning the performance of their role as per the policy statement.

  • D

  • Debt Recovery and Hardship Policy
    This policy provides the framework that will be used in the collection of rates, charges and commercial debts payable to Council.

  • Delegations Policy
    This policy establishes a framework for delegating authority and the responsible exercise of delegated authority within council.

  • Disaster Management Policy
    Townsville City Council will support our local community in disaster events (natural and/or non-natural) by providing a framework for effective disaster preparedness and response.

  • Display of City Flags and Banners Policy
    Council is committed to providing assistance to organisations for the promotion of city events through the use of city flags and banners.

  • Diversity and Equality in the Workplace Policy
    Council's commitment to encouraging diversity and fair treatment in the workplace.

  • Domain Name Policy
    Council commits to maintaining a centralised and consistent internet presence by having all Council websites utilise the domain townsville.qld.gov.au.

  • Drinking Water Quality Policy
    Townsville City Council is committed to promoting and protecting public health by managing its water supply to provide safe, high-quality drinking water.

  • E

  • Enterprise Wide Risk Management Policy
    This policy demonstrates that council understands and manages risk and seeks to ensure that there is consistency to the methods used in assessing, monitoring and communicating risks across the organisation.

  • Entertainment and Hospitality Expenditure Policy
    Council will ensure that public sector standards of accountability in relation to entertainment and hospitality expenditure are maintained and that there is consistency in the way the policy is implemented across council.

  • Environmental Offsets Land Policy
    Townsville City Council (“Council”) recognises the importance of environmental offsets to protect Matters of National and State Environmental Significance. To assist Townsville City Council’s projects and developments on Council land, Council prioritises the use of suitable Council landholdings for environmental offsets.

  • Environmental Policy
    Townsville City Council recognises environmental protection as a guiding principle in its Corporate Plan and is committed to minimising the environmental impacts associated with its operations.

  • I

  • Inclusive Community Policy
    Townsville City Council believes in building on existing strengths within the community to enable Townsville to be a city that fosters community inclusion, values diversity and encourages participation by all in their community.

  • Information Management Policy
    Council values information as a core strategic asset and will govern and manage it accordingly throughout its lifecycle.

  • Information Privacy Policy
    Townsville City Council is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals. The council will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the collection, use, disclosure and handling of all personal information by council complies with all relevant legislation.

  • Internal Audit Policy
    This policy meets statutory requirements outlined in section 105 of the Local Government Act 2009 and section 207 of the Local Government Regulation 2012 covering the need to establish and maintain an Internal Audit function.

  • Investigation Policy
    This Investigation Policy sets out how complaints about the inappropriate conduct of Councillors will be dealt with as required by the section 150AE of the Local Government Act 2009 (the LGA). This policy does not relate to more serious Councillor conduct.

  • L

  • Library Display Policy
    Townsville City Council is committed to providing space in its CityLibraries to showcase displays of community interest.

  • M

  • Maintenance of Sanitary Drainage Policy
    Property Owners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of private sanitary drainage, including any portion of that drainage located outside of their property. Council is not responsible for maintenance or repair (including removing blockages from any cause) of private sanitary drains.

  • Management, Operation and Use of Close Circuit Televisions and Recording Devices Policy
    The Council installs closed circuit television (CCTV) systems in public areas and council facilities with the objectives of promoting public safety and minimising damage or theft of Council assets.

  • Management of Fraud and Corruption Policy
    This policy records the Townsville City Council’s commitment to rigorously manage the risk of fraud and corruption, and to investigate and prosecute cases of fraud or corruption affecting the council, to the fullest extent possible under the law.

  • Mayor's Christmas Appeal Policy
    Council will seek donations in the lead up to Christmas to support selected local community organisations to assist people in financial hardship over the Christmas period.

  • Memorials and Commemorative Items Policy
    The council will assess requests to establish memorials and accept donated commemorative items under this policy.

  • N

  • Naming of Parks, Reserves and Park Facilities
    This policy provides a process for the naming of parks, reserves and park facilities.

  • O

  • Outdoor Dining Policy
    Townsville City Council (“Council”) recognises the importance of the city's vibrant and unique outdoor lifestyle. To enhance the amenity and vibrancy of Townsville, the Council encourages the use of Council-controlled outdoor areas by businesses serving food (and/or beverages) to the public.

  • P

  • Procurement Policy
    This policy sets out Townsville City Council’s mandatory requirements for selection and engagement of suppliers for goods and services.

  • Prosecutions Policy
    The Council’s enforcement of a range of State and Local laws requires that some offenders be prosecuted through the Courts. The Council will commence prosecutions when that is in the community interest, and will conduct prosecutions impartially, fairly and in a manner that demonstrates the Council’s commitment to acting as a model litigant.

  • Public Computer and Internet Use - Townsville Library Services
    Townsville Library Services provides access to public computer and internet facilities to enhance the public’s access to up-to-date computing facilities, information, ideas and commentary. Internet access enables the library to provide information beyond the confines of its own collection.

  • Public Facing Internet Policy
    This policy outlines council’s minimum requirements for the creation, implementation and management of council’s websites for the delivery of information and services to the community.

  • Public Graffiti Management Policy
    Council will ensure a managed response for the removal and reporting of graffiti on council assets and other places where graffiti can be readily seen from a public place and will promote preventative strategies to minimise graffiti throughout Townsville City.

  • Public Interest Disclosure Policy
    Townsville City Council is committed to the promotion of the public interest and encourages and supports public interest disclosures of wrongdoing in council. Council will ensure that public interest disclosures are assessed and investigated properly.

  • R

  • Rates Discount Policy
    Council will consider granting discounts to ratepayers that have been prevented by circumstances beyond their control from paying their rates and charges on time.

  • Recycled Water Re-Use Policy
    Townsville City Council is committed to promoting and protecting public health by managing its recycled water supply to provide safe, high-quality recycled water for irrigation and industrial purposes only.

  • Reduction of Water Consumption Charges Policy
    In certain circumstances the Council will provide reduced water consumption charges for property owners who become responsible for those charges as a result of a concealed leak.

  • Related Party Disclosure Policy
    • The objective of this policy is to ensure related party relationships and transactions are adequately identified and disclosed in order to meet the objectives of the Australian Accounting Standards, whilst also considering the Information Privacy Act 2009 and Right to Information Act 2009.

  • Residential Pool Wastewater Disposal Policy
    Townsville City Council wishes to encourage and assist pool owners in the environmentally responsible enjoyment of the residential swimming pool.

  • Right to Information Policy
    The Right to Information Act 2009 extends the right of the community to have access to information held by State Government departments, local and public authorities with a view to achieving more open, accountable and transparent government.

  • Rural Roads Management Policy
    Townsville City Council will prioritise expenditure on the maintenance of rural roads having regard to the level of public use and function of each road.

  • T

  • Townsville Water Quality Systems Policy
    It is the policy of Townsville Water to operate our business in a manner that consistently meets or exceeds the quality standards set by our stakeholders – being our customers, industry regulators, and the community within which our operations and activities are conducted.

  • Trade Waste Policy
    Townsville City Council recognises that allowing the discharge of trade waste to sewer provides benefits to the economy of Townsville, and potentially to the natural environment, yet poses a risk to the sewerage system and safety of workers and the community.

  • Tree Management Guidelines
    The purpose of these Guidelines is to support implementation of Townsville City Council’s Public Tree Management Policy.

  • Tree Management Policy
    In managing the City’s Public Tree Network, Council must balance various risks against the social, economic, and environmental benefits Public Trees can provide.

  • U

  • Unauthorised Works in Road Reserves Policy
    Townsville City Council recognises that there are a number of unauthorised works carried out in road reserves across the local government area. Only a limited number of these unauthorised works cause concerns.

  • Use of Open Space Policy
    Council recognises its responsibility to facilitate the use of council controlled open space, including the future provision, role, use, development, management and maintenance of the open space facilities within the Townsville local government area.

  • Use of Recreational Vehicles on Local Roads Policy
    Council is committed to minimising the risks and maximising the safety of all road users on the local road network and recognises that some residents seek to operate recreational vehicles (eligible for conditional registration) on or across roads in the local government area.

  • V

  • Volunteers Policy
    Council is committed to supporting individual members of the public and community groups who choose to volunteer their time to enhance the provision of services to the community.

  • W

  • Waiver of Disposal Fees for Charity Bin Waste Policy
    To provide to charitable organisations that operate a charity bin service to raise funds for a charitable purpose, Council will waive the fees associated with disposal of waste from charity bins which is not useable by the organisation.

  • Water Restriction Policy
    Council will apply water restrictions equitably across the community while recognising the importance of public facilities and the needs of businesses that rely upon water for their trade.

  • Work Health and Safety Policy Statement
    Townsville City Council is committed to meeting its duties under the Work health & safety Legislation to ensure the health and safety of its staff while they are at work, and to any other people whose health and safety may be affected by council’s undertakings.

  • Work Health and Safety Policy
    Townsville City Council recognises its duty to ensure the health and safety of its workers, as far as is reasonably practicable while they are at work and to any other person whose health and safety may be affected by Council’s undertakings. Council is committed to minimising the risk which its workers, assets, third party property and any other persons may be exposed to as a result of Council operations. Council recognises the requirements to ensure ongoing compliance with its Self-Insurance obligations and this policy and the associated WHS Policy Statement reinforce this obligation.

  • Works Zone Parking Permits Policy
    The creation of works zone parking areas impacts upon the general availability of parking, and will occur only when necessary.