TownsvilleMAPS Mapping Service

TownsvilleMAPS has been designed to replace the aging Mosaic mapping service with a modern, fully supported mapping solution. It provides a user friendly, versatile map service that is highly configurable to meet the diverse business needs of Townsville City Council and the public.

In order to maintain continuity and consistent products, TownsvilleMAPS uses the same symbol sets (points, lines and Polygons), map rendering and replicates search functions and map templates currently found on Mosaic. Mosaic map service users will be familiar with the TownsvilleMAPS search tools for locating street addresses, properties and land parcels.

TownsvilleMAPS includes a help file to assist users to navigate and utilize the new mapping service. For registration or technical assistance, please contact Spatial Services on 13 48 10 or

If you previously used the Mosaic Education Service, you will now need to use the TownsvilleMAPS Premium or Community Services.

Council has a number of mapping services available to the public.

  • Premium
  • Community
  • Flood Mapping

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use before accessing the above services.

Scroll through the full list of typical questions and answers relating to our TownsvilleMAPS Mapping Services. If you still require technical assistance please contact Spatial Services.