Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Owning a pet can be a lot of fun, but they come with the obligation to take care of them. Animals play an important role in our community providing companionship and security. Anyone intending to own an animal in Townsville is legally liable and is always responsible for their pets. Download the Be a Responsible Pet Owner brochure for more information.


All dogs are required to be registered and cats require permits in Townsville. Visit here for more information.


All dogs and cats are required to be microchipped before 12 weeks of age. Council is offering free microchipping to registered dogs and approved cats in Townsville. Your pet must be registered with Council prior to booking your appointment.

Free microchipping days will take place at the Animal Care & Adoption Centre once a month until June 2022.

Bookings are required, phone 13 48 10 today as early registration is encouraged to avoid missing out.


Desexing your pet improves their health, reduces behavioural problems (such as roaming), prevents unwanted litters, and can even increase their lifespan.

Effective Control

All dogs and cats are required to be under effective control (ie on a leash) when in a public place. It is a requirement for the owner/responsible person for any cat or dog to ensure their pet is not aggressive toward people or animals.

Adequate Enclosure

It is a requirement for the owner/responsible person for any dog or cat to provide an adequate enclosure that prevents the animal from escaping the yard or wandering at large.

Health & Exercise

It is a requirement for the owner/responsible person to exercise their pet and to pick up after them in public spaces.

Resources for Children

  • Read more on how you can teach your kids become cool kitty owners.
  • Read more on how you can educate your kids on dog bite prevention.


There are a number of initiatives Council is involved in to promote responsible pet ownership within the community. Such initiatives include:

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