Be a Responsible Pet Owner

Owning a pet can be a lot of fun, however they come with the requirement to take care of them. Animals play an important role in our community providing companionship and security. Anyone who owns an animal in Townsville is legally liable and is always responsible for their pets. Download the Be a Responsible Pet Owner brochure for more information.

Animal Care Advice

Sometimes looking after your furry friends isn’t easy. If you are seeking some animal care advice, we encourage you to consider the following resources:

  • Your chosen Veterinary Clinic is always a great place to seek animal care advice.
  • If your pet is experiencing illness, reach out to your local Veterinary clinic for a review.
  • Is your pet behaving badly? Did you know an animal behaviourist is a professionally trained person who can assist in solving problem pet behaviours and preventing behaviour problems? We recommend searching for a ‘Animal Behaviourist’ near you.
  • Other options for behaviour assistance may include qualified dog trainers and other similar services.

Surrendering an Animal

When you find yourself unable to appropriately care for your pet, the most responsible action you can take may be to rehome the animal.

If you are in this unfortunate situation, to give your beloved pet the best chance at a new beginning, we encourage you to seek the support of family, friends and other networks (e.g. social media) endeavouring to find your pet their new forever home.

Unable to rehome your pet through your networks? You could seek support from rescue and rehoming groups and organisations around Townsville.

Council cannot accept surrendered animals.

Education and Initiatives

Check out our education resources here:

There are a number of initiatives Council is involved in to promote responsible pet ownership within the community. Such initiatives include:

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