Heritage Properties

Council encourages the preservation of Townsville's uniquely Australian tropical character, and recognises that this is critically linked to the maintenance of its older heritage buildings.

Owning a cultural heritage listed property

You can find out whether your property is heritage listed in Schedule 7 Places of heritage value in the Townsville City Plan. To help with the preservation of Townsville's heritage properties, Council has produced the Heritage and Character Housing Information Guide. This guide covers:

  • conserving the Townsville house
  • tracing the history of your house
  • alterations and additions to your house
  • fences, gardens and verandahs.

Working on a cultural heritage listed property

If your property is listed in Schedule 7, it means you will have to comply with the Cultural heritage overlay code (part 8.2.4 of the Townsville City Plan) and the Cultural heritage planning scheme policy (Schedule 6.3 of the Townsville City Plan). If you are planning to undertake building work on your heritage property. the works may trigger a development application to Council. Depending on the works being proposed, the development application could be  code or impact assessable.  If you are unsure about whether your works will need Council approval, please contact Council.

Local Exemption Certificates

Local exemption certificates allow the owners of heritage properties to apply for upfront approval from Council on specific types of development. Exemption certificates will only be issued to development that will have only a minor detrimental effect to the property. You can apply for an exemption certificate online or by submitting an Exemption certificate application form.

For more information, read council's Local Exemption Certificates information sheet.

Adding or removing a property from Schedule 7

If a building is deemed to have cultural heritage significance, it can be considered for addition to Schedule 7 Places of cultural heritage value. Likewise, a building can also be removed from Schedule 7 if it can be shown that the building no longer has significant cultural value. Council has prepared the following information sheets to assist property owners who are interested in adding or removing their property from Schedule 7:

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