Yellow Crazy Ants

The Townsville Biosecurity Plan outlines Council's strategies for preventing the introduction of restricted pest plants and animals in Townsville, and eradicating and containing them.

Yellow Crazy Ants are a critical biosecurity priority in Townsville LGA, with ten known infestations. Contact Council to report any ants suspected to be Yellow Crazy Ants.

Townsville City Council does not deal with any other ant or general pest control.

Fire Ants and Electric Ants are not known to occur in Townsville. If you suspect sightings of tramp ants other than Yellow Crazy Ants, please report sightings to Townsville City Council on 13 48 10.

About Yellow Crazy Ants

Yellow Crazy Ants are listed as one of the world's 100 worst invasive alien species, and one of the world’s worst tramp ants. Their true origin is unknown due to their rapid colonisation of countries around the world, however experts suspect Yellow Crazy Ants originate from South-East Asia.

Have you Discovered Yellow Crazy Ants?

Take a clear, close-up photo of the ants and send to Council through Snap Send Solve (currently under the Animals & Pets > Pest / Vermin category) or by email.

More Information

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