Be a Water Smart Champion

Are you a water smart champion? Be like Scott Drinkwater from the NQ Cowboys and help save water!

Like his name suggests, Drinky loves water, but it’s vital when living in North Queensland’s dry tropics that we conserve this precious resource.

Top 3 Water Smart Tips

Follow these tips to curb your water usage habits and score a try for water conservation:

  1. install water-efficient products around your home
  2. check and repair your irrigation for leaks
  3. build a strong lawn by only watering twice a week in the dry and never when it’s wet.

Print out our water tips poster and be a water smart champion like Drinky!

Every drop counts. Come on Townsville, let’s get water smart!

More Information

For more hints and tips on being water smart and conserving water in your home, visit Our Water Smart City.

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