Stormwater Drainage

Urban Stormwater Drainage

Property owners have responsibilities which can minimise the threat of surface water entering a home during heavy rain if carried out correctly.

These include effectively managing stormwater drainage and surface water on your property and maintaining your property's approved stormwater system including pipes, gutters, downpipes and gully pits.

Property owners generally need to ensure that roof water and stormwater is drained to one of the following to comply with AS/NZS 3500.3:2003 Plumbing and Drainage Part 3: Stormwater Drainage:

  1. kerb and channel
  2. an inter-allotment roof water pipe system; or
  3. Council-controlled drainage easement or drainage reserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rural Stormwater Drainage

Rural residential and rural development areas have a different stormwater drainage design to urban areas.

Unlike urban areas with kerb and channel and underground pipe systems, rural drainage depends on the natural overland flow of stormwater. If not properly considered, the installation of items such as garden beds and solid fencing can create an obstruction and interfere with the natural flows, which cause drainage problems for both the property owner and their neighbours.

Council recommends rural property owners maintain an effective stormwater drainage system and speak with their neighbours before making changes on their property.

Frequently Asked Questions