Dam Levels

The Ross River Dam has a catchment area of 750km² and a current capacity of 233,187ML. Paluma Dam has a catchment area of 9.8km² and a current storage capacity of 11,400ML.

Townsville currently has water restrictions in place due to a significant blue-green algal bloom in the Ross River Dam that has slowed the rate at which raw water can be treated for use. We are not currently pumping from the Burdekin Dam.

For information on dam operations, visit the Ross River Dam page.

Current and Historical Dam Levels


Weir Storage Volumes

WeirStorage VolumeDepth
Black's Weir3,780ML9 metres max.
Gleeson's Weir490MLUnknown
Aplin's Weir1,800ML8 metres max.
ISO-9001 MarkISO-14001-Mark