Does your property have a smart water meter?  Visit the MiWater portal to track your water use.

Check Your Water Meter Day - 14th of every month

Regularly checking your water meter will help you be more aware about how much water your household uses. Things like leaky taps, overwatering your lawn, and undetectable water leaks can be a big drain on your family budget if they are left for too long. You can take control over your water use by making some simple changes around the home.

About Your Water Meter

Meter reading

Water meters measure the amount of water used at your property. Council reads your meter four times a year to work out how much you've been using and how much your bill will be, depending on what water plan you're on.

For more information regarding your historical water consumption please contact the Customer Service Centre or email Townsville Water.

Reading your meter

Townsville water meters usually display both black and red numbers, but your meter may vary depending on what model you have and when it was last replaced.

The dial on your water meter is where you will find how much water you have used. The black numbers on the white dials are the kilolitres (kL) used. The white numbers on the red dials are the litres (L) used. Once the red dials reach 1,000L it will add one to the white dials (kL).

Water meter reading

The red dials can assist in identifying water leaks. If they move when there is no water usage on the property then you may have a leak and should contact a plumber for a full inspection.

Locating your meter

Your water meter is usually found at the front of your property, in the left or right front corner. If you have trouble locating your water meter, contact the Customer Service Centre or email Townsville Water and we can help you locate it.

Helping our Meter Readers

Remember, it's your responsibility to ensure that your meter is easy to get to so we can read and maintain it. The majority of our customers do keep the area around their meters very well maintained and we thank them for their cooperation.

Tips for making your meter easy to get to:

  • Cut back shrubs and grass around the meter.
  • Ensure the water meter is not buried or covered with mulch.
  • Don't plant prickly or spiky plants around your meter, e.g. Agave, Bougainvillea
  • Fences and Gates
  • Access to the meter must be provided at all times for reading and maintenance purposes.

Dogs: We like dogs as much as you do, but for the safety of our meter readers, please ensure aggressive dogs are kept under control.

Private Works Quotations

Any work, for which a standard fee is not supplied, requires a quotation.

Requests for quotation must be submitted to Planning and Development on form Customer Request for Quotation (QAF0190), along with two copies of a site plan clearly indicating the location and extent of the works to be quoted. Details should be written on the application and a copy of any Town Planning requirements attached.

First time customers are required to pay upfront or complete a council Credit Application form.

Quotations will be carried out in accordance with the Private Works Quotation Procedure.

Any works required outside the parameters specified within the quotation will be treated as a variation of contract and will incur additional charges. Payments of all costs are required within 30 days of invoicing.

For further information please contact the Customer Service Centre on 13 48 10 or email Townsville Water.