It is important that when we are in nature and come across wildlife that we exercise caution. Often these animals are more scared of you than you are of them. Stand your distance and look but don’t touch, throw objects or scare our wildlife. Townsville has an abundance of species living in the wild.

Flying Fox Roost Residents Assistance Program

Do you live near flying foxes?

Flying foxes have had an impact on residents and their properties. These nocturnal animals are attracted to flowering and fruiting trees in suburban areas, creating noise disturbances whilst most active during the night. Residents often wake up to messes, feces, and unpleasant odours.

Council is committed to protecting our natural environment and the wildlife living within it. Council is providing positive education to the community on how to live near Flying Fox roosts. Specifically in the areas of Annandale, Thuringowa, and Alice River. Enlightening residents on how they can improve their quality of life whilst living near flying foxes. To further support the community affected by flying foxes, a subsidy program where eligible residents can apply and receive up to $3,000 to spend on services or items that reduce and mitigate the impacts of living near a flying fox roost.

Applications are now closed. Claims are due 16 June 2023.