Current Projects

Projects are progressing across the city as we work to grow Townsville and serve our community.

View the Latest Dec 23 - Feb 24 Projects Completed (PDF)

Major Projects

To keep Townsville growing, Council is actively involved in the delivery of significant, innovative and often complex projects to provide vital infrastructure and exciting development opportunities now and in the future.

Under Development

These exciting future development opportunities will help unlock even more of Townsville’s potential, and Council is currently progressing them through the various early stages of design, planning and work to secure vital funding.

Works Underway

Every day, Council teams deliver essential projects and local improvements that make Townsville a better, more sustainable place to live, and keep our communities safe and well-connected.

Recently Completed

During the last financial year (2023/24), Council teams delivered essential and innovative projects that have enhanced life in Townsville and kept our city running smoothly.

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