Current Projects

Projects are progressing across the city as we work to grow Townsville and serve our community.

View the Latest Dec 23 - Feb 24 Projects Completed (PDF)

Council’s budget is a detailed process of allocating community funds to maintain, upgrade, deliver and manage important services to the community.

Projects to be included in Council’s annual budgets are decided through a comprehensive budget justification process.

This process involves a number of fiscal and community focussed considerations including:

  • alignment with Council’s vision and goals for the city as identified in its community endorsed Corporate Plan
  • Operational Delivery Plan
  • risk management assessments and business cases
  • critical infrastructure needs.

Council continually reviews all projects and progress to ensure they are tracking to budget. Budget deliverables are monitored, reviewed and reported monthly to ensure financial, regulatory and performance targets are met and to ensure transparency with the community.

Council’s financial records undergo an annual external audit from Queensland Audit Office to ensure Council’s records are “true and fair” and are compliant with all relevant accounting standards and legislation.

For more information, view this financial year's budget.

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