Council Projects

Council is committed to the revitalisation of the city through its major projects.

CBD Utilities Upgrade

The water supply network in parts of the Townsville CBD is over 60 years old and in need of upgrading.

Peggy Banfield Park

Our goal is to make open spaces that allow people to have fun, get active, and be social, improving the overall well-being of our community. Construction of stage 1 is underway. Stage 2 funding has been secured.

Townsville Recreational Boating Park

A $25 million initiative to provide the recreational boating community with a major sheltered all-tide facility

Priority Development Area (PDA)

This project marks a major milestone in the future planning of Townsville’s CBD with a clear focus on stimulating economic growth in our city heart.

Cleveland Bay Purification Plant Capacity Upgrade Project

A $51 million project to treat larger amounts of wastewater and to meet current and future demands and industry standards

William Angliss & Merv Crossman

This project is part of a staged works being undertaken by council to address traffic flow issues during peak periods and also further the road network to cater for the expansion of schools and sporting organisations

Floodplain Management Strategy

Flood hazards are a risk to our community, so this project was put in place in 2009 to improve services and plan for flooding.

Haughton Pipeline Duplication

The Haughton Pipeline provides a bulk water supply link to the Burdekin Haughton Water Supply Scheme.

Ingham Road Upgrade

This project is set to upgrade numerous intersections along Ingham Road as part of the Road Network Augmentation (RN) Program. This is to ensure the safety of the 13,000 vehicles which use the road every day.

Townsville Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy

The CHAS Strategy maps and identifies both potential impacts and subsequent strategies to manage the projected effects of climate change to the year 2100.

Southern Suburbs Rising Main Project

Stage 2 works will link a recently constructed pump station at Yolanda Drive, Annandale by installing a new sewer pipeline that will link the suburbs of Annandale, Douglas, Idalia, Murray, Oonoonba, Wulguru, Stuart and Cluden with the Cleveland Bay Sewerage Treatment Facility.

Holcim Hills Reservoirs Works

Works are planned to build a new water reservoir within the Holcim Hill area to secure water supplies in the rapidly expanding northern suburbs.

Rural Roads Grading Program

The unsealed road network in Townsville consists of over 105 individual roads totalling 184km. This program is based on the priority needs of the roads resulting from inspections completed twice a year.

Picnic Bay Landfill Rehabilitation

The Picnic Bay Landfill recently ceased to receive waste. Townsville Waste Services is soon to commence works to ensure the rehabilitation of the site in line with Council’s general environmental duty and the regulatory requirements of the site’s license.

Dalrymple Road Upgrade

Concept design is underway for the Dalrymple Road Upgrade and construction is forecast for 2019/20.