Waterfront Promenade Stage 2

Investment$6.9 million
Goal 4. A sustainable destination that embraces and participates in the arts, sports and events and recreational activities.
Strategic PurposeDeliver a waterfront connection from Flinders Street East carpark extending along the Ross Creek edge though to Reef HQ aquarium site as part of the larger Waterfront Promenade network project.
StatusStage 2 Completed

Project Overview

Townsville City Council’s Waterfront Promenade Stage 2 is located along the Ross Creek adjacent to Flinders Street East.

Known during the construction as the "East End Boardwalk", the boardwalk is the latest section of the larger Waterfront Promenade network project. The boardwalk connecting the NQ Stadium Precinct, Central Park, Reid Park and Central Development site has previously been delivered as the Waterfront Promenade Stage 1.

When completed, the Waterfront Promenade network project will link the Flinders Street and Palmer Street dining and entertainment precincts and also provide an improved connection between the Queensland Country Bank Stadium Precinct and The Strand. The pedestrian-only boardwalks will also provide a safer option for people crossing Ross Creek and making their way around the city.

The Waterfront Promenade Stage 2 project is part of Council’s commitment to Grow Townsville, building a city of the future that connects you to what you need at the time you choose.

The 5m-wide, 280m long boardwalk can be accessed at two locations:

  • at the Flinders Street East Carpark
  • beside the Reef HQ building.

Waterfront Promenade Stage 2 was an investment of $6.9 million and was made possible through funding by the Queensland Government’s Works for Queensland program in association with Townsville City Council.

The project's construction and associated works supported up to 30 jobs and was opened to the public on 6 July 2023.

Innovative engineering and construction

Wagners CFT was selected as the Principal Contractor to build Stage 2 of the Waterfront Promenade, with the inclusion of several local sub-contractors. The project used innovative products and technologies including Composite Fibre Technology that incorporates Reinforced Polymer Products that are ideal in a coastal environment owing to their resistance to rust, rot and corrosion.

These products were manufactured by Wagners CFT in Queensland and offer an enhanced environmental solution compared to traditional construction materials, providing an expected 100-year design life for the engineering and materials.

The structural Fibre Reinforced Polymer materials have been coated with a unique product that utilises technology providing longevity and durability when compared to traditional construction methods. This is particularly beneficial in a coastal environment like Townsville, where factors such as UV conditions and salt impact on built infrastructure.

A living seawall incorporated into the boardwalk structure

In the future, the Waterfront Promenade will incorporate man-made habitats attached at varying heights on piles under the boardwalk to provide ‘homes’ for marine flora and fauna. It is envisaged that some of the attached habitats will be mostly under water whilst others will be underwater or visible depending on tidal movements.

The strategy known as Green Engineering was identified as a priority for inclusion in appropriate council projects in the 2018 Waterfront Priority Development Area plan and includes the addition of artificial habitats designed to mimic the complexities of the natural environment. The strategy ensures that structures like the Waterfront Promenade are beneficial to both the human and natural environment.

More information about the Green Engineering Strategy will be provided when a timeline has been confirmed.

The Flinders Street East Carpark

The Flinders Street East carpark was reopened on 6 July 2023 upon completion of Waterfront Promenade Stage 2. Improvements including landscaping and levelling have been made to the carpark to enhance its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

The Townsville Waterfront Priority Development Area envisages the ultimate use of the Flinders Street East carpark as an urban pedestrian plaza that integrates with the Waterfront Promenade and pedestrian bridge across Ross Creek that will connect Flinders Street East and Tomlin Street. The pedestrian bridge is dependent on future funding and consultation.

Future stages

The Waterfront Promenade is a key multi-year city building project identified as part Council’s activation of the Townsville Waterfront Priority Development Area. This project is designed to support connectivity, enhance and develop public spaces around the water’s edge and facilitate safe and accessible pedestrian movement around key inner-city precincts.

The network will enable activation through the creation of flexible public spaces along the water that can integrate and complement commercial, entertainment or educational uses.

Council is currently focussing its efforts on the remaining missing links in the Waterfront Promenade on the Flinders Street and Tomlins Street areas of the creek.

It is anticipated boardwalk usage will increase once other stages of the Waterfront Promenade Network have developed in the area.

Future stages proposed in this area include:

  • an active transport bridge between Flinders Street and Tomlins Street at Plume Street for pedestrians, cyclists, scooters, etc.
  • a boardwalk and public realm upgrade along Tomlins Street connecting back to George Roberts Bridge.

Early investigative works are underway to progress the concept design of these proposed projects. Like all major multi-year projects, future stages are dependent on appropriate funding, consultation, design and relevant approvals.

East End Boardwalk map

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